Bag Of Hearts


Lucas Lameth (Luc.) Dessert Tray V1 (BENTO Server) @ The  Food Court Event!

Lucas Lameth (Luc.) Hors d’oeuvre, Cheese Platter V2

Lucas Lameth (Luc.) Smores & Cherries (Touch Serve, BENTO)

Lucas Lameth (Luc.) Champagne BENTO Server

KraftWork  Farmhouse Romance . Bag of Hearts Red @ Epiphany 

KraftWork  Ballon de Fete

KraftWork  Montmartre Dining Set . Table @ Uber 

Garden by {anc}  “hydrangea” Red”

Little Branch ForestPansyTree {Animated} *4Seasons

 [ keke ] clover grass . spring .

Snow Days


DaD Design ~   “Southern Cottage” W/ snow (walls tinted)

GOOSE – Snowy sidewalk

.peaches. Emberly Bench – With Blanket @ FaMESHed

Tarte lighted birch  A & B

MudHoney Chubby Snowman

Little Branch  ~ Grass1l {Winter}

Little Branch  ~ Terrain – Snowy

What Next Winter Bird Feeder (snowy) – VIP Group Gift

Circa– “Aspen Winter” Elegant Fir Tree Planter – Mini Frost

Circa – “Snowfall Hill” Potted Winter Tree – Birch White

Circa – “Aspen Winter” Rabbit Burrow & Festive Bushes – Brown

Circa – “Snow Days” Art Sign – “Build a Snowman” – White

 Circa –   “Woodlands” Star Wall Light – Silver Wire (S) & (L)

8f8  – 36 Granny’s Winter Cottage – Fire Wood

Trompe Loeil  – Winter Lantern

Botanical – Boxwood Hedge v2

hive  fir tree

+Half Deer+ Glittering Icicles

Townies ~ Snowflake Lighted Blue Winter Wreath

Soy. Dreamy Hanging Chair

My Creative Outlet


FEATURING: Tarte Creative Outlet (gacha)  

tarte. craft desk

tarte. vortex chair

tarte. pens & ruler

tarte. catch all & washi tape

tarte. journal stack

tarte. flower vase

tarte. desktop computer RARE

tarte. photo grid RARE

tarte. decorative frame

Tarte journal stack

Tarte dreamcatcher (light)

Tarte potted dracena

What Next Picture Gallery Frames (Classic)

{moss&mink} Tufted Chaise

{moss&mink} Oversized Pouf

.peaches. Eryx Laptop Clutter

ChiMia:: Book Basket

ChiMia:: Tchotchke Shelves [Rose Gold]

Granola Saga Mini Crystal Ball. White.

Elm. Aries Crystal Bookends [Pink]

Dust Bunny . quirky planters 3 . rainbow planter @ FaMESHed

Dust Bunny. quirky planters 3 . piggy planter

Dust Bunny. quirky planters 3 . giraffe planter

Dahlia  – Belladonna – Crystals – Light 6

Mithral  * Scindapsus Pictus Display (White)

Mithral  * Funnel Pot Plant Set V2 (Warm Pots)

Mithral * Marimo Moss Ball Set (Beaker)

{vespertine} obscure plantscapes – fig 2. – 2

{vespertine} hanging succulents. – string of pearls.,

{vespertine} hanging succulents. – mistletoe cactus

{vespertine} hanging succulents. – succulent bowl mix.

Jian Southern Shelties 8. Sleeping Sheltie

junk. round boho rug. turquoise.

KraftWork Palette Skybox



Bridges Burn


Dead Dollz – Celeste Blouse @ FaMESHed

Wasabi Pills  Aimee Mesh Hair

Lucas LamethFresh Box  @ Flourish

Logo – Ilvanya Elf Ears

It’s time for moving on
There’s some things you can’t forget
It’s sinking us like a stone
I just wanna bury it
I wanna watch all my bridges burn
Stand in the rain ’til the page is turned
Dance in the light of a lesson learned, lesson learned
I wanna leave everything that hurts
Never go back to the way we were
Set it on fire, baby, watch it burn

It All Comes Down To


It-All-Comes-Down-To.gif.:| On Arwen |:.

Seniha. Dome Dress&Sweater @ FaMESHed

Seniha. Dome Boots @ FaMESHed

DOUX– Brandie

~~ Ysoral ~~.:Luxe Set Rings Orlane:.

Foxcity  ~ boi bye 03

.:| On Kyrene |:.

Dead Dollz – Lithium Top @ Anthem

Dead Dollz – Lithium Dress @ Anthem

Tableau Vivant  \\ Faith

Cae:: Hughes :: Eyeglasses

Cae :: Initial :: Necklace/Bracelet

Diversion~ head to toe 5m

Decor credits HERE

I’m broke, but I’m happy
I’m poor, but I’m kind
I’m short, but I’m healthy, yeah
I’m high, but I’m grounded
I’m sane, but I’m overwhelmed
I’m lost, but I’m hopeful, baby

I feel drunk, but I’m sober
I’m young and I’m underpaid
I’m tired, but I’m working, yeah
I care, but I’m restless
I’m here, but I’m really gone
I’m wrong and I’m sorry, baby

I’m free, but I’m focused
I’m green, but I’m wise
I’m hard, but I’m friendly, baby
I’m sad, but I’m laughing
I’m brave, but I’m chicken shit
I’m sick, but I’m pretty, baby

And what it all comes down to
Is that everything’s gonna be fine, fine, fine
‘Cause I’ve got one hand in my pocket
And the other one is givin’ a high five


Semi-Charmed Life


KraftWork The Edgewater Skybox @ Anthem

KraftWorkThe Edgewater . Frames Shelf @ Anthem

KraftWork The Edgewater . Vintage Record Player @ Anthem

KraftWork The Edgewater . Floor Lamp @ Anthem

KraftWork The Edgewater . Fireplace Curtain @ Anthem

KraftWork The Edgewater . Rug @ Anthem

KraftWorkThe Edgewater . Amplifier @ Anthem

KraftWork The Edgewater . Guitar @ Anthem

KraftWork The Edgewater . Trunk Table @ Anthem

KraftWork The Edgewater . MLB Wall Art @ Anthem

KraftWork The Edgewater . Pouf @ Anthem

DaD  “NoHo coffee table” @ Anthem

DaD  “NoHo Sofa” @ Anthem

DaD  “NoHo rugs” @ Anthem

..::THOR::.. Layne Microphone @ Anthem

..::THOR::.. Mike Amp @ Anthem

..::THOR::.. Jerry Guitar – azure SPECIAL @ Anthem

..::THOR::.. Jerry Guitar – black/red/chek RARE @ Anthem

..::THOR::.. Alice Rug @ Anthem

..::THOR::.. Burnt Souls Candle @ Anthem

..::THOR::.. JunkHead Necklace @ Anthem

Junk Food – Fast Food Tray

Tres Blah  Hodgepodge – Stacked Magazines

Kalopsia – Alize’s Entry Magazines

Refuge – Crystal Skull Blue

Refuge – Wanderlust Neon Sign Blue

GOOSE – Caged standing lamp

GOOSE – Caged hanging lamp

GOOSE – Caged table lamp

What Next  Swiss Cheese Plant

What Next  House Plant – Eucalyptus (stand)

ChiMia:: Francais Cafe Ashtray

crate Bottles, Cans & Ashtray Clutter – Cognac,Vodka, Whiskey

Wednesday[+] ~ Deadly Love ~ My Ex Girlfriend – RARE

Wednesday[+] ~ Rainy Days – Camera – COMMON

 [Rezz Room]  Bulldog Puppy Familly

+Half Deer+ Scarf Clutter – Floor B (White/tinted)

+Half Deer+ Book Clutter II – Dark – Messy Stack Big

Dust Bunny. quirky planters 3 . sloth planter




Before You Go


ChiMia Marais Apartment (Gilded Black)

ChiMia Gold Minimalist Candles @ Flourish

ChiMia Francais Cafe Book @ Flourish

ChiMia Francais Cafe Newspaper @ Flourish

ChiMia Portoro Marble Coffee Table @ Flourish

Granola.Vivian Sofa. Cerulean @ FaMESHed

Granola. Vivian Sconce. Gold. Cerulean. @ FaMESHed

Granola. Vivian Print. Gold. @ FaMESHed

Granola. Topaz Pillow. Gold. @ FaMESHed

Barley – Juneau Candle Set  @ FaMESHedX

.Florix.Glam Witch Decor Set – Rugs 05

Lode ~ Decor – Pandora Peacock

striped mocha – – hanging lotuses – gold

junk. peacock frame. one. & two.

 Apple Fall ~ Book & Nectarines Tray

 Apple Fall ~  Tea Tins & Tea Books

 Apple Fall ~ ‘Elvira’ Plate w/ Sliced Grapefruit

 Apple Fall ~  ‘Elvira’ Rose Tea

{vespertine}– cup of your tea / customer appreciation gift

{vespertine}– peacock plant.

[Merak] – Fireplace Screen

Ayla. Rustic Living – Candle A & B (gift)


So, before you go
Was there something I could’ve said to make your heart beat better?
If only I’d have known you had a storm to weather
So, before you go
Was there something I could’ve said to make it all stop hurting?
It kills me how your mind could make you feel so worthless
So, before you go



.:| On Her  |:.

 Just Because  Holly Dress  Maitreya Lara

Stealthic   – Devotion

Ascendant – Lust Chain Nails

Logo  Willow Head

Logo  Glossy Eyeshadows Pack 1

Cae  :: Andromeda :: Collection

 Cosmic Dust– New Years Party Hat

hive – Celebration Champagne – Champagne Glass

.:| On Him  |:.

Blankline — Old Time Gacha Suit — Black *Rare*

Stealthic   – Rebellion

.:| Scene  |:.

Secret Poses – Happy New Year

hive // celebration champagne set

Chez Moi  2020 Photo Booth

Cheers! Happy New Year


.:| On Melly |:.

  Stealthic – Cascade

 OSMIA  – Francesca

hive – Celebration Champagne – Champagne Glass

.:| On Arwen |:.

Erratic claire – dress / black-white

Truth Beatrix – Multitone 1

 Cosmic Dust  – Happy New Year Headband

Cae :: Musique :: Collection

Ascendant – Classic Marble Nails 10

CynfulDiamond Bracelet

~~ Ysoral ~~.:Luxe Set Rings Orlane:

ChicChicaSnowflake cocktail (gift @ December Access Event)

 Sari-Sari – Heart Sparklers

.:| On Kyrene |:.

Miss Chelsea Holi Blouse Maitreya Colour Pack 1

Miss Chelsea Holi Shorts Maitreya Colour Pack 1

  Navy+Copper  – Mae

Ascendant  – Lust Chain Nails

Circa – “New Year” Deco Chandelier – Silver

 Circa– “New Year” Deco Light Sconce – Silver

Circa– “New Year” Highback Chair – Silver Damask

DISORDERLY.  / Screened / Pattern 2

DISORDERLY.  / Shiny Celebration

Magic Party ::: New Years – Confetti Floor

hive  // champagne stand

hive // single star balloon .

{YD}New Year Puppies – Cupcake

Goodbye 2019

As the year comes to an end, I hope all your Christmas wishes came true. I also want to take this moment to wish you all a very awesome and amazing 2020. Thanks once more for the support I get from everyone all year long.  All the likes, all the shares, each amazing comment you leave me they mean so much.   Thank you for all the love you show My Twin Life


Granola. Lumi Chair White. @ Anthem 

Granola. Lumi Table. @ Anthem 

Granola. Lumi Hot Chocolate Drink Dispenser. @ Anthem 

Granola. Gypsy Soul Blanket Pile1. @ Anthem 

Granola. Bibi’s Rug. White.

MudHoney Noelle Mirror

MudHoney Noelle Cone Tree

MudHoney Noelle Candle

MudHoney Noelle Metal Tree

DISORDERLY. / Snug Winter / Gingerbread Cookies

.peaches.  Festival of Lights Menorah

KraftWork Dulce Set Roman Blind Gray

DaD  “Pile of Christmas presents”

The Loft & ARIA – Leona Garland

Dust Bunny. alpine christmas tree . decorated

Fancy Decor:  Crystal Sconce

 Apple Fall Christmas Soldier

 Apple Fall Woodland Deer – Ceramic

 Apple Fall Holyoke Dining Bench – Aged Oak

 Apple FallHolyoke Dining Table – Aged Oak

 Apple Fall Original Artwork – Christmas Wine

 Apple FallAspidistra in Wicker Planter

Trompe Loeil – Ornament Holder


Renew and Surprise with CHEZ MOI Furnitures. Cozy, Colorful and Romantics Home & Garden Decor. All you need to make a unique home. ♥


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