There You Are


.:| On Her |:.

DRESS: Dead Dollz– Willa Dress – Fatpack @ FaMESHed

FUR: CoCo  ~ Fur Tippet & Pearls

NAILS: Ascendant – Owl Bento Nails

HAIR: Elikatira ~  Karee – Essentials

POSE: Foxcity  Lounge – 6m

.:| On Him |:.

TOP: Galvanized  — Wayne Coat @ Mom 

PANTS: Deadwool – Dandy Trousers

POSE: K&S Poses Male Standing Pose ~ 5 2

.:| Scene |:.

MADRAS~ MI Hari Fireplace Black

MADRAS ~  Buck & Doe

Apple Fall   Hydrangea Bunch

striped mocha – pearl candelabra – white

Need you when I’m broken
When I’m fixed
Need you when I’m well
When I’m sick
Friends that I rely on
Don’t come through
They run like the river
But not you

Whispers in the background
Behind closed doors
I got myself in a mess and without you I’m in more
Oh, I’m a little drunk now
That’s why I went to war
Oh yeah, you are my sober
When I’m on the floor

Can’t see when I’m falling
Losing myself
But then I hear you calling

Only you know me the way you know me
Only you forgive me when I’m sorry
Even when I messed it up
There you are

There you are
You’re there with open arms
There you are
And I run

Can Not Be Forsaken

Minimal – Noble Skybox @ Collab88
Nutmeg Distressed Grand Piano Dark w/ Black Drape
Nutmeg Old Music Sheets. Standing
Nutmeg Old Music Sheets. Floor
Nutmeg Old Story Ottoman w/Crown
Nutmeg Old Gilded Crown
Nutmeg Old Story Frames Gold
Nutmeg Dark Piano Chair Black v1
MADRAS~ MI Hari Fireplace Black
 {what next}   Medium Crown Lantern (cream)
[ keke ]  morning star . silver @ Uber 
[ keke ]  morning star . gold @ Uber 
[ keke ]   crystal on stick silver @ Uber 
[ keke ]   geometrics . gold @ Uber 
MudHoney   Capiz Chandelier Light – Zinc
MudHoney   Capiz Chandelier Dark – Zinc
[MAGIC NOOK] White Fake Fur
striped mocha – pearl candelabra – white
~ xantes ~  ~ Vampire’s Goth Set – Silver
✰Kaerri Xmas 2015 Rose Vase
I’m over it
You see I’m falling in the vast abyss
Clouded by memories of the past
At last, I see
I hear it fading, I can’t speak it
Or else you will dig my grave
You feel them finding, always whining
Take my hand now be alive
You see I cannot be forsaken
Because I’m not the only one
We walk amongst you feeding, raping
Must we hide from everyone?
I’m over it
Why can’t we be together embrace it?
Sleeping so long taking off the mask
At last, I see
My fear is fading, I can’t speak it
Or else you will dig my grave
You feel them finding, always whining
Take my hand now be alive



DRESS:  Mutresse ~ Didi

HAIR:  Exile ~ Talia

NECKLACE:  Rossi ~ 90’s Baby

WATCH:  Amias ~ Signy

MARTINI:  ChicChica ~ AppleMartini

POSE:  Valor Poses ~ New Year Pose Set (January Group Gift)

BUILDING:  Minimal ~ Soho Build

BODY/SKIN/HEAD:  Body Basics for Arwen

“Sweetness, I can read your mind
I see your skin turn red
When you lie
If you don’t want to tell me nothing
Then you can go straight to hell
Now I’m gonna tell you something
You fucked this up yourself

I’m pulling up my parachute
And I’m jumping from the plane we flew
First I’m gonna tell the truth
But then I’m burning my bridge to you”

Hurts Like Hell


TATTOO:  Oxydate ~ Play with me Tattoo + Scarification @ Shiny Shabby

HAIR:  Wasabi Pills ~ Thyra

TOP:  Vanilla Bae ~ Lexi

PANTIES:  N-Uno & Nanika ~ Emilia Bikini #1 (gacha)

CHOKER:  Ashmoot ~ Acc Coll 3ple LChocker

NAILS:  Slack Girl ~ Armenia @ Darkness

MIROR:  Foxcity ~ Fairytale Mirror Prop

KNIFE:  MadPea ~ The Witching Hour – Ritual Knife (gacha)

COUCH:  OA-MEO ~ Chesterfield Cozy Sofa @ Darkness

POSE:  Modified using Animare from Lay 1 pose of the couch

BODY/SKIN/HEAD:  Body Basics for Arwen

My baby said he loved me 
My baby had it easy 
Got to touch, kiss and please me
All night and day 
Remember when we took that trip to Cabo
24 hours, then we took it to the chateau
How does it feel to do it on your own?
Missing me 

My baby’s all alone in his bed
Fingertips on the edge
He left me for a girl
But he regrets leaving me 

And I hope it hurts like hell 
And I hope it hurts like hell 
You shoulda never let me go
I know I’m messing up your mind
But now I got you good this time
And I hope it hurts like hell 

Might Not Like Me


.:| What I’m Wearing |:.
HAIR:  Tableau Vivant ~ Indoor/Outdoor @ C88
DRESS:  Rowne ~ Boeris Tux Dress @ C88
JEWLERY:  RealEvil ~ Riley Set @ FaMESHed
LIPSTICK:  DeeTaleZ ~ Glossy 1
NAILS:  E.Marie ~ Glamour Game Coffin Set
BODY/SKIN/HEAD:  Body Basics Page

.:| Scene |:.
POSE:  InPulse ~ Pose 07 @ Pose Fair
BUILDING:  Trompe Loeil ~ Rhordyn Towertop Skybox @ C88
CHAIR:  Trompe Loeil ~ Amelia Loveseat
CANVASES:  Trompe Loeil ~ Paxton Canvases 2
BIRDS:  Trompe Loeil ~ Flying Bird Display – Spiral with wires
RUG:  Aria ~ Rosalind overdyed rug

“You broke up with me and for the life of me
I couldn’t figure out what I did wrong
I’m so sorry, I’m usually the first one
To admit that I did wrong

Get over yourself, it’s no big deal
If I run a little faster than you on the playground
Get over yourself, what’s your problem
What’s your problem?

Well if you don’t like girls that are stronger than you
And if you don’t like girls that are faster than you
And if you don’t like girls that are smarter than you
Well then you might not like me
You might not like me


When I Was Older


HAIR:  Elikatira ~ Mckenzie @ Salon 52

SHIRT & JEANS ~ Blueberry ~ Evie

SOCKS:  Friday ~ Launa @ C88

LIPSTICK:  DeeTaleZ  ~ Glossy 1

CHAIR:  Consignment ~ Luana

RUG:  Brixley ~ warm welcome (Gacha)


When I was older
I was a sailor on an open sea
But now I’m underwater 
And my skin is paler than it should ever be

I’m on my back again
Dreaming of a time and place
Where you and I remain the best of friends
Even after all this ends
Can we pretend?
I’m on my, I’m on my back again
It’s seeming more and more
Like all we ever do is see how far it bends
Before it breaks in half and then
We bend it back again”



MINIMAL – Industrial Loft skybox @ Uber 

[Bad Unicorn] Black’ & ‘Brown’ Sluggish Seat – Weary Wednesdays @ N21

[Bad Unicorn] Book Lamp – Weary Wednesdays Set @ N21

[Bad Unicorn]Caged Ottoman – Weary Wednesdays Set @ N21

[Bad Unicorn] Rounded Rug – Weary Wednesdays Set @ N21

[Bad Unicorn] Hanging Light – Weary Wednesdays Set @ N21

VOID – Cooper’s Coffee Table

tarte.  decorative globe (starry)

tarte.  potted dracena

.peaches. Modeh Ani Tablet Clutter – Tablet

.peaches. Modeh Ani Tablet Clutter – Clips

.peaches. Modeh Ani Tablet Clutter – Cactus

.peaches. Zonlicht – Kiwi Bird Bent – Dark Brown

.peaches. Zonlicht – Large Mallard -Dark Brown

.peaches. Zonlicht – Kiwi Bird Sit – Dark Brown

.peaches. Lech Lecha Wine Cart – Rustic

Apple Fall  Period Fireplace

Apple Fall  Magnolia Leaf Wreath

Apple Fall  Industry Letter

Apple Fall Model Plane – Large

{vespertine} – parlour palm.

Dust Bunny hanging plants . spider planter & cheese plant

Dust Bunny spotted begonia

BALACLAVA!!   Downes Shelf (Black / Filled)

[InsurreKtion]~  Airplane Wall Deco (group gift)

Fancy Decor   Davidson Framed Map

Seven Emporium – The Filmore Factory Clock

Seven Emporium – Filmore Buenos Aires Sign

[ARIA] Blair two sitter sofa

Cheeky Pea ~ Rustic Word Map

What happens to a flame when it burns out?
What happens to a love that’s not new?
What happens when I’m no longer impressive?
Or when there’s nothing left to learn about you?

See, I used to wonder ’bout you
What it would be like to love you
Now I’ve seen every hole in your heart
I’m used to loving slowly
But this time, you already know me
I hope you like all the broken parts

Oh, we can’t run away from the comfortable
‘Cause it’s inevitable in love, in love
Oh it’s time we make way for the comfortable
‘Cause it’s already comfortable in us, in us

My Kind

My-Kind.gifTOP: Blueberry – Evie – Crop Top

JEANS: Blueberry – Evie – Jeans

HAIR: Wasabi  ~  Peyton Mesh Hair  @ Salon52

GLASSES: Dahlia – Liona – Sunglasses @ Fameshed 

RINGS: Astralia   Lunar ascendant rings (Maitreya bento)

NAILS: Ascendant– Owl Bento Nails

POSE: Foxcity   sits Vol1-1 1

Do you recall the days at your old place?
Playing with Troll dolls to scare the kids away
My closet was a time machine, your’s the stage
I wish we told those little girls they’re gonna be okay
Still picture it all in my mind
Making the campfire out of broken flashlights
Jealous of your high tops, ’cause someone stole mine
Wish somebody would’ve told me that would be alright

My kind of time’s meant to carelessly spend
And my kind of nights are the one’s that don’t end
My kind of fun doesn’t make any sense
And my kind of love you won’t ever forget
My kind of time’s meant to carelessly spend
And my kind of nights are the one’s that don’t end
My kind of fun doesn’t make any sense
And my kind of love you won’t ever forget

I’m a product of the who’s, when’s and how’s
Those who let go and those who stuck around
I wish somebody would’ve told me I’d be here now
‘Cause this kind of life is one to sing about

Cocoa & Cookies

Cocoa-&-Cookies.gif.BIRCH Birmingham Bed @ Kinky 

[Merak] – Chocolate Cookies (touch for cookie)

[Merak] – Milk Pitcher (touch for a glass)

Apple Fall Clifton Cast Iron Fireplace (Black)

Apple Fall Monogram Suitcases

Apple Fall  Pinecones & Hazelnuts

Apple Fall  Kingsbury Pendant Lamp

Apple Fall  Woodland Deer – Brass

Apple Fall Christmas Dining Table

Apple Fall Bronze Leaf Apple Branches

Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 1

Apple Fall  Antler Candlestick I & II

Apple Fall Books w/ Deer Head Bookends

Apple Fall  Carved Corbel Shelf

Apple Fall Woodstock

Stockholm&Lima  Little Butterfly Boxes

Foxwood ~ Dyrr ~ Faux Mount ~ Dark

{vespertine}   – butterfly dome / monarch

{vespertine}   – single rare butterfly dome /hypolimnas

{vespertine}   – single rare butterfly dome / auphaedra

Ariskea [Xanua]. Eucalyptus Plant 1

What Next  Safi Rug (natural) – larger

What Next  Winter Picture Shelf 1 & 2

Artisan Fantasy  Holiday Sconce w Ribbon & Pine Cones

Kalopsia – Gabriel’s Wreath





Lauren Valley


Galland Homes~ Lauren Valley @ @ FaMESHed 

Crate  ~Porch Rocker ~ Yellow

Crate  ~  Porch Rocker ~ Orange

TLC  ‘Stoats’ Manor’ @ The Cosmopolitan until January 12, 2019

[ keke ]  grow collection including all plants, ladder & watering can

Sway’s [Greta] potted topiary . small/flower/bow

Sway’s [Home, sweet home] decoration

Sway’s [Heart Birds] bird bath

Sway’s [Heart Birds] garden stake

Just Animals ~ Basset Hound Sitting – Mesh  Full Perm

Artisan Fantasy ~   Hacienda Scrollwork – Lg

Dust Bunny  hanging plants . ivy planter

Dust Bunny  hanging plants . double planter

Fundati .-. 1 Pine Tree

[ keke ] small leaf bush . all seasons . hard

[ keke ]  clover grass . summer .

[ keke ]  fluffy grass . summer .

Apple Fall   Juniper Hedge Tall

:Fanatik Architecture:  Architecture: HILL 2

HPMD* Rock 2014 – light

Compulsion  ~ Grass and small white flowers





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