Parades & Cereal


 {what next} Autumn Picture Shelf 1

 {what next} Autumn Picture Shelf 2

 {what next}  Harvest Wheat Vase

 {what next}  Farmhouse Gourd Tower 2

 {what next}  Framed – ‘Hello Fall’ Wreath (lit)

 {what next}  Harvest Pumpkin String

 {what next}  I Love Fall Blocks

ChiMia  Joanne Console [white] @ Shiny Shabby

MADRAS Bottle Wall Sconce White

Apple Fall  Pinecones & Hazelnuts

Lost Junction ~  Cereal Surprise 2 – UFO Cereal

Lost Junction ~ Cereal Surprise 2 – Bowl – UFO

Black Bantam  Hipster Baby Boy 03

“Ma!!! Buzz!”

To infinity and beyond! 

Thank you, Next


LINGERIE:  Ricielli ~ FLEUR Lingerie Panties,Bra,Collar

HAIR:  Truth Hair ~ Reyane

POSE:  K&S Poses   ~  Future Wife Bento pose 5

CHAIR: Refuge ~ Vintage Fur Chair

LIGHTS: Refuge  ~ Cosmo Lighting

One taught me love
One taught me patience
And one taught me pain
Now, I’m so amazing
Say I’ve loved and I’ve lost
But that’s not what I see
So, look what I got
Look what you taught me
And for that, I say

Thank you, next

Friendship In Autumn Time


.:| On Kyrene |:.

COAT: Blueberry – Cece – Trench Coats

BOOTS: Blueberry – Cece – Winter Boots

 HAIR: Truth Hair  ~ Taja

NAILS: Ascendant  – Lamarr – Maitreya

TATTOO: Nanika~  Nia Necklace Light Gold

.:| On Arwen |:.

OUTFIT:  Blueberry ~ Aria

HAIR:  Stealthic  ~ Persephone

BOOTS:  Mossu ~ Rebel.Boots

JEWELRY: EarthStones~ Falling Leaves Collection

.:| Scene |:.

POSE: West End  Bento Poses – Milk & Honey – Friends Pose

Decor blog found HERE

As autumn leaves now fall 
We see all things let go 
And all shades turn mellow 
To autumn rust and yellow
For all nutrients are now gathered 
And all seeds have been sewn 
As all drops away 
So only whats permanent may stay 
Like the love of two friends 
bound deep in the earth 

Stepping into the future
fresh footprints in the snow 
For thwere need be no sadness 
In this crystal clear day 
As the tree of friendship 
Still stands upright and strong
while it rests like a baby 
All innercent and strong 
It gathers up strength 
For the new spring to call 

As autumn leaves fall 
So sofel they do pass 
With this new verse of silence 
singing sweet songs of kindness
In this new winter light
shining so bright 
We find ourselves surrounded 
with icicles all around us 
glistening and shining 
we stand dressed in diamonds 
But be careful of sharp  edges 
for there can be no hold on 
watchful and respectful 
We stand in the new

Now dark evenings turn in 
It is time to feel in 
As our friend has not left us 
They lie wrapped up inside us

Friendship In Autumn Time 

Soak Those Troubles Away


Granola  Florian Bathtub. Black @ 6 Republic

Granola  Florian Towel Plain. @ 6 Republic

Granola  Florian Water Basin. @ 6 Republic

Granola  Florian Shaving Mirror. @ 6 Republic

Granola Florian Vase. @ 6 Republic

Granola  Florian Lavender Towel. @ 6 Republic

[ keke ]  distressed mirror @ Uber

[ keke ] tea table . black

[ keke ]  peony candelabra . white

[ keke ] crysanthemum

MudHoney   Miranda Drapes

Refuge – Fairytale Mirror Silver

{vespertine}– bath caddy linked /whitewood

{vespertine} – bath petals

The Loft – Baxter Bathroom Cabinet

Loft & Aria – Tropical Glam Potted Palm

ARIA & The Loft – Baxter Cake Stand With Soaps

Apple Fall  Wicker Ball Lamp – White

Nutmeg   Rug Gray, Group Gift

Anytime You Need A Friend


.:| On Kyrene |:.

SHIRT:  TETRA– Sabina blouse – Maitreya (loose)

PANTS:   Just Because  ~ Stacey Jeans (lace) – Lara

HAIR: Truth Hair  ~  Margarita

WATCH: E.marie ~ Smart Watch – Sterling

NECKLACE: Cae ~ Koru Set

RINGS: RealEvil ~ Luxy Rings

NAILS: Ascendant  – Lamarr Bento Nails

.:| On Arwen |:.

 SHIRT: Decoy  – Shayla Top: Green

PANTS: Blueberry  – Aria – Stylized Pants

TRUTH~ Truth Hair  – Multitone 1

NECKLACE: BEO ~ Rain_Drops necklace

NAILS: E.marie ~  NAILS Basic Gloss

POSE: West End ~ Bento Poses – See What You Are Seein’ – Friends

.:| Scene |:.


Dust Bunny . ~  giant palm plant

The Loft ~  Mora Pendant Light Patina Short

If you’re lonely
And need a friend
And troubles seem like
They never end
Just remember
To keep the faith
And love will be there
To light the way

When the shadows are closing in
And your spirit diminishing
Just remember
You’re not alone
And love will be there
To guide you home

Anytime you need a friend
I will be here
You’ll never be alone again
So don’t you fear
Even if you’re miles away
I’m by your side
So don’t you ever be lonely
Love will make it alright

Harvest Helpers


│T│L│C│~ ‘Harvest Helpers’ – complete scene including animals, 34 LI

│T│L│C│~Chicken Gacha 2 RARE

│T│L│C│~Chicken Gacha 1 RARE

│T│L│C│~Chicken Gacha 6 Common

│T│L│C│~Chicken Gacha 3 RARE

ACORN ~ Mailbox -Rural @ Fameshed 

Chez Moi ~ Cider Jar and Apples  @ Cosmopolitan Event

Chez Moi ~ Cinnamon Sticks & Props  Cosmopolitan Event

Chez Moi ~ Cider Dispense  Cosmopolitan Event

Chez Moi ~ Table Barrel  Cosmopolitan Event

[ keke ]  garden fence . white . right

[ keke ] dotty grass . fall . 10 x 10

[ keke ] scruffy grass . fall . 10 x 10

Little Branch  AppleTree*Dark{With Apples Menu}

Little Branch Snakeweed{4Seasons}

O.M.E.N– Spring Daisies Truck – (No Poses)

Harvest is a time of sharing and peace
Autumn colors create their masterpiece
Reaping the reward of perfect weather
Vegetables and fruit we gather together
Everyone Thankful for natures good work
Scooping handfuls of leaves falling from trees
Time to embrace the Harvest taste 

Traveling Soul


..::THOR::.. Old Drugs Cabinet – RARE

..::THOR::.. Wire Metal Basket

..::THOR::.. Post Magazine Holder

..::THOR::..  Post Office Sign

..::THOR::.. Stories of the Night Book

..::THOR::..  Meadow Book

..::THOR::..  A Cup Of Tea Book

..::THOR::..  Mid Century Book

..::THOR::..  The angler Journal

..::THOR::.. My Life Book

..::THOR::..  The Beehive Book

..::THOR::..  Paris FL Book

...::THOR::..  Lateralus Book

..::THOR::..  1930 French Postal Desk – RARE

..::THOR::..  Envelope with Stamp

..::THOR::.. Vintage Portfolio

..::THOR::.. Train Station Bench

..::THOR::..  Le Figaro Pillow – EXCLUSIVE

..::THOR::..  Chocolat Pillow

..::THOR::..  French Postage Pillow

..::THOR::.. Bonjour Pillow -EXCLUSIVE

..::THOR::..  Small Wooden Drawer – VIP

..::THOR::..  Round Side table

 Serenity Style – Lotta – Orange Coat

 Serenity Style – Little Woodland Friends Clipboard OWL

 Serenity Style – Little Woodland Friends Clipboard DEER

 Serenity Style – Little Woodland Friends Clipboard FOXY

 Serenity Style – Little Woodland Friends Clipboard BEAR

Thistle ~ My Moon Clock @ Blueprint

[Merak] – Adventure Globe

[Merak] – Flower Bouquet

[Merak]  Crate/Bonus Decor w/o Logo

[Merak] – Travel Planning

[Merak] – Vintage Storage Box

[Merak]  – World Map

[ keke ] hard to find bulb . many

[ keke ] big garden planter . orange

[ keke ] big garden planter . blue

Dahlia   – Newport – Vintage – Books – Assorted Colors

 {what next} Wall Hanging Plant #1,2,3

Kalopsia  – Books Pile

Cheeky Pea Falling Over Books

Nutmeg Pile of Vinage books @ Group Gift

Second Spaces  ~ Writer’s Block books for research

.peaches.Tap That App – Laptop and Books



After Harvest


Dahlia  – Loire – Vintage Wash Basin – .01 RARE @ 6 Republic

Dahlia – Loire – Flower Arangement – Yellow – 16. @ 6 Republic

Dahlia – Loire – Towels – Blue – .06 @ 6 Republic

Dahlia – Loire – Savon – Oatmeal – 10. @ 6 Republic

Dahlia  – Loire – Savon – Citrus – 12. @ 6 Republic

Dahlia – Loire – Savon – Lavender – 13. @ 6 Republic

Dahlia  – Loire – Cotton Jars – Copper- .04 @ 6 Republic

Dahlia  – Loire – Zinc Pitcher – Yellow – 21. @ 6 Republic

Dahlia – Loire – Linen Water – Old – 14. @ 6 Republic

Dahlia – Loire – Savon – Olive – .08 @ 6 Republic

[ keke ] tea chair . white floral sky

 {what next}  Casablanca Rug (natural) – small

Apple May ~ Thankful Wall Decor – Noir @ @ 6 Republic

Dust Bunny . woodland dreams . macrame art

Dust Bunny . hanging plants . ivy planter

*LODE* Deco – Hanging Oliv [white]

*LODE* Decor – Autumn Vibes Can [blueberries]

*LODE* Decor – Autumn Vibes Can [cranberries]

*LODE* Decor – Dahlia Can [blueberries full]

*LODE* Decor – Dahlia Can [cranberries full]

*LODE* Decor – Dahlia [autumn yellow]

[ zerkalo ]   Country Living – Bucket w/Plums

Apple Fall    Pumpkin – Buckskin I

Apple Fall    Pumpkin – Jarrahdale I

Apple Fall    Pumpkin – Fairytale I

Faint is the speech of the tired heart
To the call of dreams replying,
When hope wends home across the fields
Where the rose o’ the year is dying.

O weary head and heart and hands
Look up where the sun is dying —
Love leads you home across the fields
To the call of dreams replying.

After Harvest 

I Don’t Think About You


DRESS: Dead Dollz  – Madicken Outfit @ Fameshed 

HAIR: Tableau Vivant~ Zandala @ Uber

NAILS: Ascendant – Pearly Bento Nails

POSE: Focus Poses ~ Peace Set 4

Granola Sasha Bar. Gold.

Granola  Sasha Bar Stool. White B

Refuge  – Spark Lamp Static Gold Smaller

Dahlia  – Mayza – Clutch – LEFT – NO HOLD

 #Foxy   – Phone ‘Don’t care’

hive  weathered metal pumpkin candle B

Apple Fall  Wine Glasses

Apple Fall  Argentinian Malbec

Apple Fall Whisky Decanter

Dust Bunny .  potted sago palm

 Aria Blair Calla Lily bouquet in a vase

I feel freedom where I stand now
And I feel proud of who I am now
Yeah, I learned a lot along the way
I love the woman that I became
I was patient, but not anymore
It’s back in my hands
And you swore I’d never do it
But it’s your time to face the music
It used to bother me, thought I could never leave
After all that I’ve been through, nothin’ left to prove
No,  I don’t think about you
Weighing down on me
I lost my own sanity
And now that we are through, nothin’ left to lose
No, I don’t think about you

Autumn’s Majesty


Chez Moi ~ ~ Farmhouse Daybed

 {what next}   Camber Coffee Table 1

 {what next}  Camber Coffee Tray V2

 {what next}   Camber Coffee Tray

 {what next}   Camber Newspaper Decor

 {what next}   Draped Curtains (LINEN)

ACORN Twin Door Cabinet -Tan  @ Uber

ACORN Crockery Display -Floral @ Uber

ACORN Song Bird Art @ Uber

ACORN Book Stack-Song Bird @ Uber

ACORN Duo Rug -Malvern @ Uber

ACORN Large Plate Stack -Floral @ Uber

ACORN Small Plate Stack -Floral @ Uber

Dahlia  – Plymouth – Shelf – White @ Fameshed 

Dahlia  – Plymouth – Stackable Boxes – Silver @ Fameshed 

Dahlia  – Plymouth – Pumpkin – Grey @ Fameshed 

Dahlia  – Plymouth – Pumpkin – Grey Blue @ Fameshed 

Dahlia  – Plymouth – Thankful Shadow Box – Silver @ Fameshed 

Dahlia – Plymouth – Pumpkin – Pale Green @ Fameshed 

Dahlia  – Plymouth – Pumpkin – sage @ Fameshed 

Dahlia  – Plymouth – Love Birds – Copper @ Fameshed 

Apple Fall ~ Twig Wreath

striped mocha – hanging lotuses – white/green

hive  spiral boxwood topiary . lighted

hive  dainty flower hanging light . silver

Dust Bunny . wiccan artistry . smudge sticks @ Arcade Spooktacular

Dust Bunny . wiccan artistry . herb drawers @ Arcade Spooktacular

Dust Bunny .wanderlust . blanket ladder @ Arcade Spooktacular

Dust Bunny .& tenshi . step ladder . mixed @ Arcade Spooktacular

The Loft & Aria – Zoete Flower Arragment


Sun with his artistic touch, 
streaks skies of blue with rosy blush,
trimming Oak and Maple too, 
crimson reds with yellow hue.

Even Jarla Gets The Blues

"It's never too late to have a happy childhood"




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