I Picked You Daisies


DaD Design “Floral baggage” @ Summerfest
DaD Design “Fancy hats” @ Summerfest
DaD Design “Pitcher of Daisies” @ Summerfest
DaD Design “Pitcher of Daisies” @ Summerfest
+Half Deer+  Spring Serenade – Fox Welcome Sign
Dust Bunny. welcome mat . home sweet home . group gift
Dreamland Designs ~  Wild Hydrangea Tire Planter (removed tire)
T-Spot Mesh Flowery/Leafy Path Lining
Landscaping by Felix  Mesh Flower *Giant Allium*
Studio Skye  Path
Trompe Loeil –- Chloe Modern Farmhouse

Afternoon Tea

There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour
devoted to the ceremony known as afternoon tea. – Henry James

MudHoney  Classic Photo Room 2 @ Kustom 9
Aphrodite <Heart Homes> “La vie est belle” Candle @ Access
Aphrodite <Heart Homes> “La vie est belle” Deco table Small & Big @ Access
Aphrodite <Heart Homes> “La vie est belle” Decorative peonies vase @ Access
Aphrodite <Heart Homes> “La vie est belle” Movable table with books @ Access
Aphrodite <Heart Homes> “La vie est belle” Sofa @ Access
Aphrodite <Heart Homes> “La vie est belle” Woollen Carpet
Aphrodite <Heart Homes> B&W Frames
KraftWork.  Bossa Nova . Arm Chair @ UBER
KraftWork. Bossa Nova . Knitted Console@ UBER
Apple Fall  Leather Basket w/ Fabrics
Apple Fall  Original Artwork: Bluebird Postcard
Apple Fall  Original Artwork: Kumquat Sketch
Apple Fall  Plaster Vase w/ Beads
Ariskea [Starz] Pendant Lights 1 & 2
Ariskea [Sunrise] Succulent Ceramic hangers
Ariskea [Clarity] Birdy Cage [Gold]
Ariskea [Clarity] Green Bushy Ceramic
Ariskea [Xanua]. Eucalyptus Plant
Dahlia – Reese – Owl Mug Tray
Dahlia – Sweet Escape – Teapot 1
Foxwood – Corgi Planters – Sit
Foxwood  – Yorkie – Decor
Scarlet Creative  Jenna Curtain Navy Pattern
Scarlet Creative  Jenna London Map & Paris May Picture
Dust Bunny.  tiered hanging baskets . brown

I Got Both


Dead Doll– Manila Sundress – Fatpack (Maitreya) @ UBER
Stealthic – Chiffon
Ascendant – Melissa Nails Maitreya
Pumec  / Mesh Ears\ – Golden Time
Cae :: Andromeda :: Ring
Cae:: Palmera :: Earring @ UBER
Cae :: Palmera :: Necklace @ UBER
Ama. : First Bloom Bracelet : Lara
DISORDERLY. / Smooth Summer / Raspberry Smoothie [R] @ Summerfest 
DISORDERLY. / Smooth Summer / Banana Smoothie [L] @ Summerfest 
Melly’s Decor Credits HERE 

Hidden Cove


{moss&mink} Mila Garden table (Dark)
{moss&mink} Betty garden chair (Dark)
Tarte  palm tree A,B,C @ Summerfest 
..::THOR::.. Twinkling Lights
GOOSE  – Beach blanket
GOOSE  – Beach umbrella
GOOSE  – Wine basket
GOOSE  – glass of wine Deco
Dust Bunny. beach day . towel tote
Dust Bunny. dreamy outing . cooler
:Fanatik Architecture:  BEACH ROCKS Barrier Linear
:Fanatik Architecture: BEACH ROCKS Cliff
Ariskea [Hawaii] Hibiscus Potted Red
Studio Skye Beach Dunes
Studio SkyeAlligator Apple Bush
Studio Skye Alligator Apple Bush (small leaf)
Studio Skye Bamboo Palm
Studio Skye Animated Water
Studio Skye Zingiberaceae
CR  Pampas Grass

Keeper Of The Bees


Foxwood  – Boston Pup – Lay & Sit  @ Kustom 9
Granola.  Bumble Accent Table.
Granola.  Bumble Bourbon Lemonade.
Granola.  Bumble Citrus Juicer.
Granola.  Bumble Honey Dish.
Granola. ola. Bumble Lemons.
KraftWork. Kess Corner Unit & Clutter . Fern Basket
MudHoney  Classic Photo Room 5 June 2020 Arcade 
MudHoney  Delilah Chair Adult – Gold
Architect.. Honeycomb Wall Shelf (wood)
Jian Boston Terrier
West Village  Field Wellingtons – Yellow
West Village  Spring Tulips – Yellow Red
Black Bantam Honey Bear Jar & Wand Decor
Dust Bunny  guiana chestnut tree
Dust Bunny  hanging plants . cheese plant
Dust Bunny  hanging plants . spider planter
Dust Bunny  petunia dining . charcuterie board
Dust Bunny  sweet dreams . fiddle leaf tree
Dust Bunny water garden . water lily
Dust Bunny  woodland dreams . feather incense
uK – Queen Bee Hive Lamp Honey
uK – Queen Bee Sofa Purple

Stuck With You


.:| On Her|:.
Just Because Khaleesi Gown – FatPack – Maitreya
Navy+Copper  – Mae
Kunst ] – Hummingbird necklace @ Kustom9 
Pumec  / Mesh Ears\ – Golden Time
KUNGLERS – Nicky bracelet – crystal

.:| On Him |:.
Wazzer Works — Patrol Buttonup (Stone) @ TMD
Blankline — Casual Chino Pants
Purple Poses – Couple 516

Lock the door
And throw out the key
Can’t fight this no more
It’s just you and me
And there’s nothing I can do
I’m stuck with you
So go ahead
And drive me insane
Baby, run your mouth
I still wouldn’t change
Being stuck with you I’m stuck with you

Aunt Fran’s Farm


DaD Design “Rustic Frame Succulent Plants” @ ANTHEM
DaD Design “Rustic Frame Tomato & Basil” @ ANTHEM
DaD Design “Rustic Frame Vegetables” @ ANTHEM
DaD Design “Rustic cobblestone B” @ ANTHEM
DaD Design “Vintage Potting Bench”  FaMESHed
GOOSE – garden express locomotive
GOOSE – garden express wagon
1. Ayla. Homegrown – Shed RARE June 2020 Arcade 
2. Ayla. Homegrown – Gardening Chair RARE June 2020 Arcade 
3. Ayla. Homegrown – Wooden Table June 2020 Arcade 
4. Ayla. Homegrown – Tool Rack June 2020 Arcade 
5. Ayla. Homegrown – Vegetable Basket June 2020 Arcade 
6. Ayla. Homegrown – Firewood Bucket June 2020 Arcade 
7. Ayla. Homegrown – Old Mailbox June 2020 Arcade 
8. Ayla. Homegrown – DIY Birdhouse June 2020 Arcade 
9. Ayla. Homegrown – Birdhouse Lantern (hanging) June 2020 Arcade 
10. Ayla. Homegrown – Hanging Plant (red) June 2020 Arcade 
11. Ayla. Homegrown – Hanging Plant (blue) June 2020 Arcade 
{OBD} Tiny Cabin Cottage
{OBD}  TCC Border/Foundation
{OBD}  TCC Landscape
{OBD}  TCC Porch Swing
{OBD}  TCC Stove
{OBD}  TCC Wood Pile
{OBD}  Tiny Cabin Cottage
HPMD  Cliff Hill – green B

Summer Feelings


.:| On Him |:.
Identity body shop — Soul Identity
Flow— Hydro Boardshorts @ ManCave
Wrong — Bento Static Male Poses 120 — Pose 3 @ MOM

.:| On Her |:.
[Dazzling]  Daisy bikini – tropical green / maitreya @ Kustom9 
Truth Thelma
Kunst ] – Hummingbird necklace @ Kustom9 
Pumec  / Mesh Ears\ – Golden Time
Ascendant   – Pride Bflies Coffin Fatpack – Maitreya @ Access
-Secrets- Greta Belly Piercing
::WetCat:: “Boom” Pose Stand w/Prop BoomBox @ Vintage Fair 

.:| Scene |:.
..::THOR::.. Beachin’ Drink – fat pack exclusive @ Summerfest 
..::THOR::.. Beachin’ Tote Bag  @ Summerfest 
..::THOR::.. Bucket Hat – Tropical Deco  @ Summerfest 
..::THOR::.. Nectarines  @ Kustom9 
..::THOR::.. Old Crate Table  @ Kustom9 
..::THOR::.. Picnic Blanket  @ Kustom9 
..::THOR::.. Pillow Acanthus  @ Kustom9 
..::THOR::.. Summer Goodies – RARE  @ Summerfest 
Ayla.Beach Day – Basket  @ Summerfest 
Ayla.Beach Day – Beach Lounger @ Summerfest 
Ayla. Beach Day – Beach Parasol @ Summerfest 
[Rezz Room]  Pug Adult Animesh (Companion) @ Kustom9 
CR Pampas Grass
Studio Skye Tropical Beach
Studio Skye Windswept Tree Type 1 Beachy

Hey, gettin’ in my summer feelings  
I’m trying to keep it cool
Way up here in my summer feelings
I found a piece of me that I never knew
I’m meltin’ like ice cream
The stress is gone for me
Nowhere I’d rather be
‘In California, dreamin’, 
Touchin’ the stars and then draggin’ them down to Earth
That California feelin’,

I Dare You

You may not have the stage, but you still have a voice
You may not have the strength, but if you have a choice
I dare you to love, even if you can’t
Even if you’re hurt and you can only see the worst 
Even if you think it’s not enough
 I dare you to love

Gaia – Lorde Top @ Kustom9
Stealthic– Vigil
Dahlia  – Summerlin – Rebutia – Pink @ @ Equal 10
Tarte garden balloon
LaGyo Gabrielle Headband – Barbie @ Kustom9
LaGyo Gabrielle Earrings – Barbie  @ Kustom9
Diversion – On The Edge 2

Book Exchange

take a book, leave a book 

Tres Blah – Aviva Dress (Maitreya)
TETRA  – Ellie Backpack @ Collabor88
Tableau Vivant Buttercup hair @ Collabor88
Ascendant  – Carolisa Nails
Pumec  – / Mesh Ears\  Golden Time
Ohemo   – Gina flat sandals (Maitreya)

Tarte little library (schoolhouse) @ N21
HPMD Sweet Garden Grass08 -greens- b
KraftWork. The Traveling Bookseller . Book Box 1& 2
KraftWork. The Traveling Bookseller . Book Box Empty
KraftWork. The Traveling Bookseller . Book Box Piled
KraftWork. The Traveling Bookseller . Books 1,2,3,4,5,6
KraftWork. The Traveling Bookseller . Bookseller Sign
KraftWork. The Traveling Bookseller . Decorative Wagon Plants
KraftWork. The Traveling Bookseller . Old Chair w/Pillow
KraftWork. The Traveling Bookseller . Old Table
KraftWork.The Traveling Bookseller . Vintage Cash Register
KraftWork. The Traveling Bookseller . Vintage Oil Lamp
Studio Skye  Tiered Garden Wall



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