The Sweetest Friend


.:| On Kyrene|:.
TETRA   – Pencil Skirt – Maitreya
Navy+Copper– Ivy
Ascendant – Melissa Nails Fatpack – Maitreya
Pumec  / Mesh Ears\ – Golden Time
Cae  :: Til Death :: Ring (Maitreya) (L)
Cae :: Soho :: Ring (R)
Kunst ] – Hummingbird necklace
REIGN. – Boho Watch- Whooo
Purple Poses   – Savannah 04

.:| On Carol |:.
TETRA  High Waisted Tie Pants
TETRA   Wrap Crop Top
#Foxy  Verano @ kustom9
Stun Poses   – Roxanne1

Rooftop Lounge


Tarte  lighted shrub @ Collab88 
Tarte  gold-dipped bulb string lights
Tarte  ivy chevron trellis (natural)
Tarte  lighted city tree C
.peaches.  Lech Lecha Wine Cart – Marble
Apple FallSquare Lead Planter w/ Lion Head
Apple Fall Stone Artichoke (Lichen)
West Village Apple Fall  Atlas Fire Pit – Hammered Bronze
Dahlia – Cassiopeia – Starburst Wallart – Gold
Dahlia – Ravello – Fountain – Mossy
Dahlia X MADRAS – July Platter
Heart  – Window Box 1 – Turquoise White
Scarlet Creative Creative Jenna Black Floor Lantern
Scarlet Creative Creative Jenna Rug
Scarlet Creative Creative Jenna Sofa White

Marley’s Escape


Lucas Lameth (Luc.) Madame Vase, Thicc Bum [Touch Texture Change] @  kustom9
.peaches.  The Fianna Tablet Set – Keyboard
.peaches.  The Fianna Tablet Set – Stylus
.peaches.  The Fianna Tablet Set – Tablet
Elm. Marley Standing Desk – Book Stack @ Collab88 
Elm. Marley Standing Desk – Bullet Journal @ Collab88 
Elm. Marley Standing Desk – Cacti Candle @ Collab88 
Elm. Marley Standing Desk – Cactus Candle #1/#2 @ Collab88 
Elm. Marley Standing Desk – Diffuser @ Collab88 
Elm. Marley Standing Desk – Doughnut Snack @ Collab88 
Elm. Marley Standing Desk – Lamp @ Collab88 
Elm. Marley Standing Desk – Mesh Board [White] @ Collab88 
Elm. Marley Standing Desk – Speakers @ Collab88 
Elm. Marley Standing Desk – Stapler @ Collab88 
Elm. Marley Standing Desk – Stool [White Top] @ Collab88 
Elm. Marley Standing Desk – Succulent Pot @ Collab88 
Elm. Marley Standing Desk – Washi Tape @ Collab88 
Elm. Marley Standing Desk [White Top] @ Collab88 
Granola. Puff Puff Pretty Ashtray. @ Equal10
Granola. Puff Puff Pretty Bud Vase. @ Equal10
Granola. Puff Puff Pretty Catch-All. @ Equal10
Granola. Puff Puff Pretty Edibles. @ Equal10
Granola.Puff Puff Pretty Herbal Tea. @ Equal10
Granola. Puff Puff Pretty Make-up Clutter. @ Equal10
Tarte hanging trailing jade plant
Tarte  lightbulb terrarium – plant
Dust Bunny.  & Con . Florence Bedroom . Armoire . White
Dust Bunny. sweet dreams . fiddle leaf tree


Summer Rooftop Party

Summer-Rooftop-Party{moss&mink} Branch Platter @ FaMESHed
{moss&mink} Cocktail Shrimp @ FaMESHed
{moss&mink} Fruit n Nut Platter @ FaMESHed
{moss&mink} Fruity Popsicles @ FaMESHed
{moss&mink}Paper flower garland – Pastel @ FaMESHed
{moss&mink} Tanika bistro chair @ FaMESHed
{moss&mink} Tanika bistro table @ FaMESHed
{moss&mink} Wine Bucket @ FaMESHed
Lucas Lameth (Luc.) Champagne
KraftWork. Bonjour Dessert Plates
Dahlia– Berries & Cream – Cocoa Sandwich 11
Dahlia – Berries & Cream – Swiss Roll 3
Dahlia – Celebrate – Confetti – Rose Gold A & B
Dust Bunny. tropical delights . chicken wraps
Dust Bunny. tropical delights . drink keg
hive // spiral boxwood topiary . lighted

Tuscan Holiday

=Zenith= Summer Boho Style Dress (ALL) Maitreya – RARE
Pumec  / Mesh Ears\ – Golden Time
Cae:: Til Death :: Ring (Maitreya)
Cae :: Soho :: Ring
LaGyo Positano – Amore Necklace – Silver @ @ Collab88 
LaGyo Positano – Knot Turband – Natural @ @ Collab88 
Tableau Vivant  Editorial hair – Ponytail left
Tableau Vivant Editorial hair – Ponytails Leaves
Hangry–  – Cactus Bottle @ Kustom 9
hive// flor beach tote . two toned . bento hold
Ascendant  – Melissa Nails Fatpack – Maitreya

Sunflower Delight


GOOSE – Fireplace terras
Kalopsia  – Solana’s Bread Loaf  @ Collab88 
Kalopsia  – Solana’s Floor Cushions  @ Collab88 
Kalopsia  – Solana’s Rug  @ Collab88 
Kalopsia  – Solana’s Silverware @ Collab88 
Kalopsia – Solana’s Snack Tray @ Collab88 
Kalopsia  – Solana’s Table @ Collab88 
Kalopsia  – Solana’s Wine Bottle  @ Collab88 
Kalopsia  – Solana’s Wine Glass @ Collab88 
Lucas Lameth (Luc.) Jumbo Shrimp Cocktails (BENTO Server)
Lucas Lameth (Luc.) Tropical Meat Skewers [BENTO Guest Server]
Aphrodite <Heart Homes>  Peacock wicker Set
Aphrodite <Heart Homes> Peacock wicker Set Rug
Aphrodite <Heart Homes> “Arabian” Tea Set
Aphrodite <Heart Homes> Arabian Hanging/Standing Lanterns -Red
DISORDERLY. / Citrus Summer / Basket @ Collab88 
DISORDERLY.  / Citrus Summer / Candlesticks  @ Collab88 
MudHoneyVintage Plate L Single – yellow
MudHoney Carter Basket – Dk Brown
+Half Deer+Sunflower Garland @ Collab88 
Bee DesignsSunflowers on sack
Fiasco – Aida Fiddleleaf Fig Tree
Fundati .-.   Pine Trees
PLAAKASunflower Rectangle
Dust Bunny.  harvest . jug of sunflowers
hive  // ice cold water
hive  // large palm plant . light


Ice Cream


.:| On Kyrene |:.
Tres Blah – Greta Romper (Maitreya)
Stealthic– Endless
Ascendant – Cloud Coffin Nails Fatpack – Maitreya @ Level
EarthStones Hammered Cuff Bracelet
Cae :: Til Death :: Ring (Maitreya)
Cae ::  Riana Necklace @ FaMESHed

.:| On Melly|:.
Tres Blah – Greta Romper
DOUX Tyrisha
Birdie Bomia look hair band bracelet5
Ascendant – Pineapple nails @ ANTHEM
Lyrium – Girls Dual Pose 14 @ La Vie En Pose

See Melly’s Version

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy icecream
Which is pretty much the same thing

Evening Surf


{OBD} Adirondak Chair [A] [Blue]
{OBD} Adirondak Chair [A] [Green]
{OBD} Adirondak Chair [A] [Orange]
{OBD} Adirondak Chair [A] [Purple]
{OBD} Adirondak Chair [A] [Red]
{OBD} Adirondak Table
{OBD} Beach Boardwalk
{OBD} Beach Boardwalk 2
{OBD} Beach Plant 1
{OBD} Beach Shower 2
{OBD} Draft Beer – Decor Only
{OBD} Open Sign
{OBD}Outdoor Beach Light
{OBD} Outdoor Beach Menu
{OBD} Surf Boad Rack
{OBD} Surf Stool 1
{OBD} Surf Stool 2
{OBD} Surfboard Table
Little Branch CalatheaOrnata.v1{Mesh}*RedPot @ TLC
..::THOR::..Beachin’ Firepit
..::THOR::.. Beachin’ Wooden Chair Mix1
..::THOR::.. Beachin’ Wooden Chair Mix2
..::THOR::.. Brotherhood Firepit
Studio Skye Beach Dune 2 (grass back)
Chez Moi Patio Lights Double Pole
Studio Skye Alligator Apple Bush
Reid Parkin  Tropical Plant_Elephant Ears
l ROOTS l Fountain Grass [Pheasant’s-tail] Small

True Friends


.:| On Kyrene |:.
Dead Doll  – Mali Thong – Tropicalia New Sim & Flagship Store are now OPEN!
Dead Doll – Mali Beach Robe – Tropicalia New Sim & Flagship Store are now OPEN!
Stealthic – Embers
Ascendant – Pineapple Nails  Maitreya @ ANTHEM

.:| On Krysta |:.
white river co. – Marley Bikini Bottom – MaitreyaSummerfest ’20
white river co. – Marley Knotted Tank – Maitreya @ Summerfest ’20
Stealthic – Purity
Izzie’s – Body Mermaid Scales
[ west end ] –Bento Poses – True Friends – Friends Pose

A friend is someone You turn to.
A friend is someone You confide in.
A friend is someone Who stands by you.
A friend is someone Who lifts your spirits.
A friend is someone who encourages you.
A friend is someone You treasure always.
A friend is someone Who makes you smile.
A friend is someone Who brightens your day.

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