Lunch By The Pool


Sayo – Brickell Cabana @ FaMESHed

MudHoney  Deja Bar Table  @ FaMESHed

MudHoney  Deja Pillow (gift) @ FaMESHed

MudHoney  Deja Bar Stool @ FaMESHed

Chez Moi  Mura Wall Fountain

What Next  Bailey Rug #2

Circa  – “Chatelaine” Hibiscus Planter – Hot Orange (L)

Circa  – “ClearView” Mini Tree Bush Planter

PRIME Cabana Expo Yello

PLAAKA  ~ HydrangeaPlate

:Fanatik Architecture: Swimming Pool ROMAN

 Apple Fall ~ Wicker Ball Lamp – White

 Apple Fall ~Square Wood Planter

 Apple Fall /West Village Billy Ball Stems

 Apple Fall ~ Stone Artichoke (Lichen)

 Apple Fall ~ Cheeseboard

 Apple Fall ~ Wine Glasses

 Apple Fall ~ Juniper Hedge Tall

Dust Bunny  sweetheart lunch . strawberry salad

Poche ~ Strawberry tart of spring Blueberry

BLUE SKY ~   “Wine Bottle – Pinot Noir”

N4RS Banana Plant in Bronze – copy

=EliBaily=  Ivy 03

T-Spot Wall Fern No. 1 – Maidenhair

HPMD  ~ Garden Tree08 – Green a


Three Nights


MADRAS  Vintage Slide Door Table @ 6 Republic 

MADRAS  Honey Jar @ 6 Republic 

MADRAS  Book Set 1 & 2 @ 6 Republic 

MADRAS  Gold Flower Decor @ 6 Republic 

MADRAS  Ruby Grass Pot @ 6 Republic 

MADRAS  SoftDrink @ 6 Republic 

MADRAS  Wrought Plate Decor Set @ 6 Republic 

MADRAS  Gold Flower Decor @ 6 Republic 

Sayo – Eastport Egg Chair  @ Uber

..::THOR::..  ~  Vintage Telescope @ Anthem

..::THOR::..  ~  Antique Book 1 @ Anthem

..::THOR::..  ~  Antique Book @ Anthem

..::THOR::..  ~  Old Victorian Rug @ Anthem

..::THOR::..  ~ Canvas Cushion @ Anthem

..::THOR::..  ~  Old Constellation Map @ Anthem

..::THOR::..  ~ Sun Moon Earth Orray @ Anthem

..::THOR::..  ~  Old Planetarium @ Anthem

...::THOR::..  ~  Metal Cabinet @ Anthem

..::THOR::..  ~  Bird Cage Tall @ Anthem

Tuesdays ~  Candlestick Sconce @ Cosmopolitan 

Tuesdays ~  Candlestick Medium @ Cosmopolitan 

Tuesdays ~  Candlestick Short @ Cosmopolitan 

Tuesdays ~  Corbel Shelf – Short

Granola  Plant Mister Copper Group Gift

Granola  Sprout Tin A Group Gift

Granola  Sprout Tin B Group Gift

What Next  Wall Hanging Plant #3

(luc) Antique Butterly Candle Holder

Querencia art 9 by PRIME

Querencia art 7 by PRIME

Querencia art 3 by PRIME

{vespertine} peacock plant.

Ison ~ x Little Fatties – fatty ram

Ison ~x Little Fatties – fatty owl RARE

Foxwood ~ Hanging Plants – Small

Foxwood ~ The Artist ~ Plant

Foxwood ~Celestial Macrame – small – white

[Rezz Room] Box American Bully Puppy Duo


Three nights at the motel under streetlights in the City of Palms
Call me what you want, when you want, if you want
And you can call me names if you call me up

Babylon Eclectic


SHIRT:  Just Because ~Hannah Top  Maitreya Lara

SKIRT: Just Because ~ Henrietta Skirt  Maitreya Lara

HAIR: Stealthic  ~ Willow @ Collab88

EARS: Swallow ~  Princess Ears

EARRING:   Dahlia –  Babylon Eclectic – Hand Earring – Gold @ Epiphany

WATCH: Pretty Mess — Serenity Watch – Gold

.:| Scene |:.

ChicChica ~ Tom Collins

Purple Poses ~ Lenna01

What Next Bailey Rug #1

What Next Bailey Lounge Chair (w/pillow can be bought w/out)

What Next Bailey Side Table

What Next Bailey Books Decor

What Next Bailey Vase

  Dahlia –  Babylon Eclectic – Handbag – Brown – RARE 1 @ Epiphany

  Dahlia –  Babylon Eclectic – Bulb Vases – VIP @ Epiphany

  Dahlia –  Babylon Eclectic – Roxanne Cactus – Pink – 16 @ Epiphany

  Dahlia –  Babylon Eclectic – Roxanne Cactus – Yellow – 17 @ Epiphany

  Dahlia –  Babylon Eclectic – Picott Print 5@ Epiphany

  Dahlia –  Babylon Eclectic – Boobs Print -6 @ Epiphany

  Dahlia –  Babylon Eclectic – Body Print – 4 @ Epiphany

Tuesdays ~ Ringed Clock @ FaMESHed

Tuesdays ~ Ringed Frame – Horizontal @ FaMESHed

.peaches.  Fenwin Sidetable – White @ Equal10

 [ keke ]  bottle lights on a string . beach wood

PewPew Fern Planter – Silver

{vespertine} – blossom cotton hanging basket

{vespertine} – peace lily plant /texture

Dust Bunny  dreamy outing . croissant sandwiches

{moss&mink} Tera outdoor area (White)( tinted blue)   @ FameshedX


Cold In LA


{moss&mink} Tera outdoor area (White) @ FameshedX

{moss&mink}  Tealight Globe Gift (Tall) @ Group Gift

What Next  Bailey Wall Hanging

 Dahlia – Babylon Eclectic – Eucalyptus In Glass – 3 @ Epiphany

 Dahlia – Babylon Eclectic – Distressed Chair – Blue 7  @ Epiphany

 Dahlia– Babylon Eclectic – Distressed Lantern – Blue 11 @ Epiphany

 Dahlia – Babylon Eclectic – Milkshakes – Strawberry- 14 @ Epiphany

 Dahlia – Babylon Eclectic – Iron Chevron Side Table 18 @ Epiphany

The Loft ~  Mora Pendant Light Patina Short

 Soy.   Voluminous Potted Ferns [B] with gold stand

{vespertine} driftwood towel stand

{vespertine} – oversized maranta plant.

{vespertine} – bath petals

{vespertine} – parlour palm.

{vespertine} – wood round plant caddy.


Yeah, we started with a good night
Then it turned to day
Never thought that we would
Ever say the things we say
To each other but we’re
Here, just staring face to face
Why don’t you just stay with me?
Don’t walk away
‘Cause it’s cold in LA
Every time that you leave me behind
Just stay at my place
‘Cause I can tell by the way
You’re lookin’ at me, you’ll be fine

Beautiful Scars

DRESS: Dead Dollz – Ava Multi Style Dress @ Uber
HAIR: [elikatira] ~ Karee
HAIR Jewel: Caroline’s Jewelry ~ Audrey Tiara in Silver
NAILS: Ascendant ~ Smoothie Nails @ Shiny Shabby
TATTOO: Nanika ~ Rachel Tattoo
POSE: Foxcity  ~ Chill 7 (m)
.:| Scene |:.
Tuesdays ~  Puff Ottoman
Raindale  –Bonclair sofa
Raindale  – Bonclair shoe boxes
Raindale  – Bonclair shoe box 2
Raindale  – Bonclair shoe box 1
Raindale  – Bonclair Mirror
Raindale  – Bonclair mannequin +dress
Raindale  – Bonclair hanging rack + clothes
Ariskea ~ [Little Pensee] Poenies Gift Box 1[Decor]
{vespertine}  spring rose arrangement / red
{vespertine}   champagne & strawberries
Sayo – Geometric Wall Panel – 05
I went down a road that only got me nowhere
I’ve seen every corner, every inch of this place
Being all alone it really got me thinking
Maybe overthinking
That what is lost ain’t gone
No, you can’t just let go
‘Cause it’s a part of you that will make you strong
Embrace your flaws
I’m not gonna fight back what I’ve become
Yeah, I’ve got bruises where I came from
But I wouldn’t change if I could restart
I ain’t gonna hide these beautiful scars
I’ve been going way too hard on myself
Guess that it’s the reason that I’m feeling like hell
But I wouldn’t change if I could restart
I ain’t gonna hide these beautiful scars

Bright Sunshiny Day


ACORN ~  Cuddleboat Rowboat @ Uber (added tint to boat cover)

ACORN  Triple Pilings with Rope

ACORN ~ Fish Candle Bucket -Brown/Navy/Red

MudHoney  Dana Patio Chair  @ Seasons Story

MudHoney  Dana Pouf @ @ Seasons Story

MudHoney  Sanderson Pillows

Junk Food – Whiskey Tray

Granola  June’s String Lights. Gold.

-Garden- by  {anc}“gerbera”  (red) @ Uber

-Garden- by  {anc} “gerbera” (orange) @ Uber

LISP – Mesh – Firepit Bowl with Sits/Props/Lid – Smooth

LISP  – Mesh – Bergamot Path – Rustic Pine

(Milk Motion) Reeds

(Milk Motion)water lily

TLC  ~ Home Collection Mallard Nest with Ducks

TLC  ~ Mallard Male Swimming

TLC  ~ Mallard Duckling _Standing

Jian   Cuddly Corgis 9. Black Tri Wanderer




I can see clearly now, the rain is gone,
I can see all the obstacles in my way
Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind
It’s gonna be a bright, bright   Sun-Shiny day.

I think I can make it now, the pain is gone
All of the bad feelings have disappeared
Here is the rainbow I’ve been prayin’ for
It’s gonna be a bright, bright Sun-Shiny day.


Grand Opulence


  Dahlia – Grand Opulence – Table – Cream

  Dahlia – Grand Opulence – Gold Bar Cloche

  Dahlia – Grand Opulence – Caviar – Gold

  Dahlia – Grand Opulence – Caviar – Chocolate

  Dahlia – Grand Opulence – Gold Bar Dessert

  Dahlia – Grand Opulence – Sundae

  Dahlia – Grand Opulence – Stacked Plates

  Dahlia – Grand Opulence – Crystal Glasses

  Dahlia – Grand Opulence – Chair

Sayo – Geometric Wall Panel – 01 @ FaMESHed

Sayo – Geometric Wall Panel – 03 @ FaMESHed

 Apple Fall ~ Bronze Leaf Apple Branches

 Apple Fall ~ Brass Candlesticks

West Village Magnolia Arrangement

[Figure 8] Les Chandelier Gold

Free Spirit


BIKINI: Blueberry ~ Sunny – 2 Bikinis in 1 – V2

HAIR: Tableau Vivant ~ Dreandy – [FD] – 2 @ Epiphany

NECKLACE: Maxi Gossamer – Necklace – Maka Boho Feathers – V2

GLASSES: Nanika ~Felice Sunglasses

NAILS: Ascendant ~ Chamber of Secrets Nails

EARS: Swallow ~  Princess Ears

POSE: West End  ~ BomBom II 04 Bento Flat Feet @ Cosmopolitan 



Rest of the decor can be found here.

Is this Heaven or Armageddon?
I’ll be gettin’ high with you to watch the endin’
We were drownin’ down our memories
A cemetery full of bottles, man, that liquor bleed
When you’re loving more, caring less
It’s the highs and lows with no regrets, oh
And we wanted it all then, but we’re never running out

We’ll be free spirit, free spirits
Can you hear me calling?
Oh, it’s all or nothing
When you’re free spirit, free spirits
Can you hear it calling?
‘Cause I don’t wanna live and die alone, don’t let me go

Paradise Spa


Elm.Jessa Clawfoot Bathtub [Gold]

Elm. Cecille Dresser [Yellow] @ Flourish

Elm. Aries Shelf [Long]

Granola  Topaz Pillow. Pink.Gold. Green

Granola   Topaz Stool. White.Wood

Granola   Fern’s DIY Succulents. Blue and Orange.

Granola   Blueberries. Floral.

Granola   Blueberries. Vines.

Granola   Cherries. Green.

Granola Beatrice Chamomile. Vase ABC @ FaMESHed

Granola  Wooden Tray. @ FaMESHed

[Merak]–Blooming Armchair (Orange) @ FaMESHed

MudHoney   Blaire Sandals Prop

MudHoney   Beach Bag

MudHoney   Beach Hat

What Next ZigZag Rug

Chez Moi  Lemon Tree

 [ keke ] big garden planter . orange

Circa  – “AZIZA” Tall Vase – Tropica Plant – Gold Metal (S)

PLAAKA  ~  LemonPot

PLAAKA  ~ LemonBowl

Dust Bunny ~ dwarf fruit trees . clementine tree

Dust Bunny ~ hanging plants . ivy planter

Dust Bunny ~ dwarf fruit trees . clementines

 Apple Fall ~ Bathroom Lotions

 Apple Fall ~ Bath Brushes in Milk Glass Jar

 Apple Fall ~ Natural Sea Sponges in Cloche

 Apple Fall ~ Hurricane Vase w/ Lemons & Limes

09 Fancy Decor   Etienne Orange Juice Pitcher

03 Fancy Decor   Etienne Spa Water Dispenser RARE



Blueberry Is Turning 7!


.:|  Kyrene |:.

DRESS: Blueberry ~ 7th Birthday – Sundress

HAIR: RunAway  ~  Tashie Hair @ FaMESHed

JEWELRY:  Cae ~  Freya Collection

BASKET:  Ariskea ~ [Calmly] Camomille Basket [3]

POSE: Purple Poses ~  Karina 04

.:| Arwen |:.

DRESS: Blueberry ~ 7th Birthday – Sundress

HAIR: Magika ~ Bella

NECKLACE: Rise Design  – Alight Necklace @ FaMESHed

SHOES: Astralia   – Pastel blossom (bracelets)

RINGS: RealEvil ~ Riley Bracelets

NAILS: Ascendant ~ Flirt Nails 06


TATTOO: CarolG ~ Flying Poem Color – Leg Tattoo

POSE:  Purple Poses ~  Akemi 04

.:| Scene |:.

Chez Moi ~ White Doors Privacy Fence

Chez Moi ~ Rabbits in Love

hive ~  spiral boxwood topiary . lighted

Happy Birthday Blueberry! 

Read all about the great birthday celebrations Blueberry is having HERE



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