Morning Bathtime


Kalopsia –  Serene’s Baby Room Divider

Kalopsia –  Serene’s Baby Changing Table (Pad tinted)

Kalopsia –  Serene’s Baby Dresser

Kalopsia –  Serene’s Baby Crib (Blanket tinted)

Kalopsia –  Serene’s Baby Bib (Plain)

Elm.  Clarissa Curtain @ FaMESHed

Elm.  Aries Shelf [Short]

Chez Moi  Wooden Cuties Gacha

 Black Bantam Bath Time Bunny Baby Blue 03

Sweet Thing. Cuddle Kitties – Froggy

+Half Deer+  Corgi Puppy – Belly Rubs

Dust Bunny quirky planters . pug

+Half Deer+  Bunny Table Lamp – White

+Half Deer+  Backlit Whimsy Light – Cloud A

Diamandis – Blue Rug

 Apple Fall ~ Juniper Hedge Tall

West Village Belgravia Skybox

PuntoG Textures ~ Textures used in wallpaper/pictures/Wall Clings


Just Relax


.:| On Arwen|:.

TOP: Tetra ~ Mokatana top

HAIR: Moon. Hair // – Brunettes – Bleach

GLASSES: United Colors ~ RetroAcess Sunglasses

RINGS: Yummy ~ Art Deco Rings

NECKLACE: Cae:: Nylah

SHOES: Astralia  –Clarity wedges (Maitreya)

.:| On Kyrene :.

[RunAway] Zoe Hair @ @ FaMESHed

OUTFIT: Blueberry  – Elise – Top / Skirt / Belt

RING:  Cae :: Betrothed :: Ring

NAILS: E.Marie ~Mix&Match Coffin – Vintage Summer / Dragonfly

.:| Scene  :.

Amitie ~Friends Lolita

MudHoney  Blaire Round Beach Towel

+Half Deer+  Summer Paradise – 11. Sun Hat @ Arcade June 2019

+Half Deer+ Summer Paradise – 4. A Good Read @ Arcade June 2019

+Half Deer+  Summer Paradise – 14. Beach Tote Stowaway (Tan) @ Arcade June 2019

{vespertine} –  iced latte.

{vespertine} –  vanilla icecream bucket.

Mother’s Daughter


DRESS: Dead Dollz  – Vale Dress @ Belle

JEWELRY: Cae  Moderne ~ Necklace/Earrings

HAIR:  [RunAway]  Audrey Hair

BRACELET: #15 Mon Cheri ~ Bracelet.Scarlet Multi

BRACELET: #15 Mon Cheri ~ Bracelet.Scarlet Single Thick Arrow

POSE: Amitie ~ Lolita 04

BACKDROP: RAMA – Vertical Palm Wall ‘Green’ @ Flourish

Hallelujah, I’m a freak, I’m a freak, hallelujah
Every day of the week, I’ma do ya like I want ya
I’m a Nile crocodile, a piranha
Hallelujah, I’m a witch, I’m a witch, hallelujah
Swish swish, I’m a three-point shooter, I blow through ya
Like a hot wind out in the bayou, ya

Oh my God, she got the power
Well, look at her, she got the power
Don’t fuck with my freedom
I came up to get me some
I’m nasty, I’m evil
Must be something in the water or that I’m my mother’s daughter

Zen Garden


Sayo  –  SAYO SCENES – Zen Garden Backdrop – RARE

(luc)  Buddha Shadowbox

(luc) Kokedama, Hanging Sprigs with Flower

(luc)  Kokedama, Hanging Orchid

(luc)  Elegant Crane V1&2, Bronze @ Flourish

(luc)  Threads of Fate, Wall Art [bronze]

MADRAS  ~ Bamboo Water Fountain @ Flourish

MADRAS  ~ Stone Lantern Light @ Flourish

MADRAS  ~ Stone & Zen Sand Decor @ Flourish

MADRAS  ~  Bonsai & Zen Sand Decor @ Flourish

Camdem – Season Change – 6.Jardiniere RARE

Camdem – Season Change – 4.Twigs RARE

Camdem – Season Change – 1.Devil’s Ivy Long RARE

Camdem – Season Change – 5.Dwarf Ficus RARE

TLC  ~ Gold fish pond with Waterfall_Set @ Flourish

HPMD  Garden Vine  – paleGreen

Trompe Loeil ~  Caparra Wall Ivy Center Right Yellow



.:| On Her |:.

DRESS: Tres Blah – Eden Dress (Maitreya) – Botanical @ FaMESHed

HAIR: Wasabi ~  Dany Mesh Hair @ Final Winter

NAILS: E.Marie ~Mix&Match Coffin – Vintage Summer / Honeycomb

POSE: Purple Poses ~ 03 (added drink)

.:| On Him |:.

HAIR: Stealthic  ~ Rebellion

BEARD: Magnificent — Balbo Beard Base Applier [Omega] @ TMD

TOP:   Blankline — Damage T @ TMD

SHORTS: Blankline — Damage Shorts @ TMD

POSE: The Owl — Bento Sit Static Male Pose — 13/2

.:| Scene |:.

 Junk Food  – Rum Bottle Rez @ to The Liaison Collaborative

 Junk Food – Rum Tumbler @ to The Liaison Collaborative

Rest of Decor can be found HERE

Starin’ at the prettiest part of this powder keg world
Sittin’ with the finest example of a beautiful girl
If we hadn’t hit the brakes, we’d have no idea
Paradise was hidin’ right here

We came out here to do a whole lotta nothin’
And we’re doin’ pretty good I think
The only one thing we need to worry about
Is fillin’ up when the ice cubes clink

Dippin’ our toes in the water
I don’t care if it gets any hotter
It’s you and me rememberin’ how to have fun
Let’s put our hearts together
Two parts love and a pinch of good weather
And top it all off with the sun
And mix it with rum

Sittin On The Dock


TOP: Just Because ~ Katia Top Maitreya Lara @ Uber

HAIR: Tableau Vivant  ~  Belle hair @ Belle

COLLAR: Cae ~  Princess :: Collar

SUNGLASSES: mon tissu ~ ❤ Sunglasses @ FaMESHed Exclusive

POSE: Diversion ~ Lowkey 3m

Look like nothing’s gonna change
Everything still remains the same
I can’t do what ten people tell me to do
So I guess I’ll remain the same, yes

Sittin’ in the mornin’ sun
I’ll be sittin’ when the evenin’ come
Watching the ships roll in
And then I watch ’em roll away again, yeah

I’m sittin’ on the dock of the bay
Watching the tide roll away
Ooo, I’m just sittin’ on the dock of the bay
Wastin’ time



.:| On Arwen |:.
Blueberry ~ Yumi shorts
Tetra ~ Freebird top
Tableau Vivant ~ Editorial \ Western wind hair (gacha)
Le Poppycock ~ Beauty Break* Happiness Is pose (gacha)
*used Maitreya body finger poses*

.:| On Kyrene |:.
Blueberry ~ Yumi Shorts
Le Poppycock ~ Beauty Break* Follow the Sun pose (gacha)
Pseudo– Isabelle Top Lara White
Tableau Vivant ~ Falling \ Windfall hair (gacha)

.:| Scene |:.
Sunflowers come with the Le Poppycock poses!!
Satomi’s ~ 2017 Very Orange Sunsets Windlight
Heart-VR ~ Harmony Wild Meadow Grass

by Ansley
The sun dances on her hair,
The brown echoing the colour of both her eyes and her freckles
As she dances through the sunflowers that are taller than her.
The other girl almost starts wondering how long it can last.
But she doesn’t because
She promised the other girl that she wouldn’t.
She also promised she would not pay attention to the siren or how it is getting very hot,
and very bright,
very fast.

Seaside Bar


..::THOR::.. Seaside Bar Set @ TLC Event – June Round

..::THOR::.. Seaside Surf Table

..::THOR::.. Seaside Stool 1 & 2

..::THOR::.. Nautical candle

..::THOR::.. Decorative Helm

Eleventh Hour: Repurposed Boat Bench – Mixed @ Flourish

 Junk Food  – Rum Barrel Decor @ to The Liaison Collaborative

 Junk Food  – Rum Barrel @ to The Liaison Collaborative

 Junk Food  – Rum Bottle @ to The Liaison Collaborative

 Junk Food  – Rum Tumblers @ to The Liaison Collaborative

(luc) Angelfish Candle Holder, Ceiling/Right (Dawn) @ Flourish

(luc) Acei Fish Candle Holder, Floor/Right (Dawn) @ Flourish

(luc) Dollar Fish Candle Holder, Ceiling/Left (Dawn) @ Flourish

+Half Deer+ Summer Paradise – 8. The Pussy Plunderer RARE @ Arcade

Dust Bunny hanging plants . double planter

hive ~potted fan palm plant

Ariskea ~ [Sage] Window [Wood]1 (texture changed)

flowey’s original fish&chips / serving in the bucket (ocean)

flowey’s original fish&chips / serving in the bucket (blue)

flowey’s original fish&chips / napkins

flowey’s original complimentary extras

flowey’s original vinegar bottle

[LJ] Oh Crawdy! – #6 – Shrimp Basket

[LJ] Oh Crawdy! – #11 (Secret) – Fish Fingers & Custard

[LJ] Oh Crawdy! – #18 – Condiments

[LJ] Oh Crawdy! – #13 – Today’s Catch

[Con.] Nautical Star

PLAAKA  ~ BuoyHanger

N4RS Life Buoy


Coastal Getaway


Silence. – Seafarer Bed

MudHoney   Finley Mirror @ Arcade June 2019

MudHoney   Finley Console Table RARE @ Arcade June 2019

MudHoney  Finley Frame Wide @ Arcade June 2019

MudHoney   Finley Frame Wide @ Arcade June 2019

MudHoney   Finley Mail @ Arcade June 2019

MudHoney  Finley Headphones @ Arcade June 2019

MudHoney  Finley Phone @ Arcade June 2019

MudHoney   Finley Wax Warmer @ Arcade June 2019

MudHoney  Finley Keys 1 & 2 @ Arcade June 2019

MudHoney   Finley Candle 1 & 2 @ Arcade June 2019

MudHoney   Finley Coins @ Arcade June 2019

MudHoney   Finley Wallet @ Arcade June 2019

MudHoney   Finley Tray @ Arcade June 2019

MudHoney   Finley Plant @ Arcade June 2019

MudHoney   Finley Frame Tall @ Arcade June 2019

MudHoney  Finley Votive @ Arcade June 2019

MudHoney   Finley Books @ Arcade June 2019

MudHoney   Talia Bench – Beige

Refuge ~ Livy Chair Light Green

Granola  Deep Sea Fishing Weights. White & Black @ Uber

Granola  Deep Sea Chandelier. White. (tinted green)  @ Uber

Sayo  – Parsons Panel – Wall 04

Fancy Decor : Model Ship

Fancy Decor : Dutch Roemer Glass

Fancy Decor : Dutch Tulipiere (white)

Fancy Decor : Floor Globe (silver)

13 –  8f8–  Paint me Summer – Rack

16 –  8f8–  Paint me Summer – Red Lighthouse

21 –  8f8–  Paint me Summer – Oar 2

22 –  8f8– Paint me Summer – Oar 3

What Next  Camber Newspaper

 Zenith ~ leather school bag (all color)

Dust Bunny quirky planters 2 . owl planter @ Uber

Kunst– 09 – Shelf


Artist Breakfast


Dahlia – Gokotta – Waffles – RARE 1 @ Arcade June 2019

Dahlia – Gokotta – Teepee – RARE 2 @ Arcade June 2019

Dahlia – Gokotta – Flower Arrangement 3 @ Arcade June 2019

Dahlia – Gokotta – Lounging Pillow – Blue 4  @ Arcade June 2019

Dahlia – Gokotta – Cushion – Blue 7 @ Arcade June 2019

Dahlia – Gokotta – Lace Table – Grey 10 @ Arcade June 2019

Dahlia – Gokotta – Menu Stand – 12 @ Arcade June 2019

Dahlia – Gokotta – Mimosas 13@ Arcade June 2019

Dahlia – Gokotta – Croissants 14  @ Arcade June 2019

Dahlia – Gokotta – Doughnut Scales 15 @ Arcade June 2019

Dahlia – Gokotta – Bruleed Eggs 16 @ Arcade June 2019

Dahlia – Gokotta – Bon Bons – Chocolate 18 @ Arcade June 2019

Dahlia – Gokotta – Bon Bons – Strawberry – Spilled 19  @ Arcade June 2019

Dahlia – Gokotta – Hanging Lantern – 21 @ Arcade June 2019

Dahlia – Gokotta – Lantern – Closed – 22 @ Arcade June 2019

Dahlia – Gokotta – Lantern – Open – 23 @ Arcade June 2019

Dahlia – Gokotta – Berry Bowl – Cream 24 @ Arcade June 2019

Dahlia – Gokotta – Cappuccino – Blue 26  @ Arcade June 2019

DISORDERLY.  Lightly Rustic / Frames

DISORDERLY. Lightly Rustic / Crates

DISORDERLY.  Lightly Rustic / Ladder

DISORDERLY.  June Berries / Blackberry Bowl @ Belle

DISORDERLY.  June Berries / Blueberry Bowl @ Belle

DISORDERLY.  June Berries / Blackberry Syrup Jar @ Belle

DISORDERLY.  June Berries / Blueberry Syrup Jar @ Belle

DISORDERLY.  June Berries / Blueberry Pancakes @ Belle

DISORDERLY.  June Berries / Blackberry Pancakes @ Belle

Granola  Stay Bumble Clothesline. JUNE GG.

Granola  Stay Bumble Wash Tub. JUNE GG.

 [ keke ]   fairy grass . spring . swaying

Foxwood – The Artist ~ Chair

Foxwood – The Artist ~ Canvas pile

Foxwood – The Artist ~ Easel

Foxwood – The Artist ~ Sketches

Foxwood – The Artist ~ Sleepy Pooch

Foxwood – The Artist ~ Pooch Stool

 Apple Fall ~  Althea Rug – Antique Dark

(Fundati)~  Posh Wooden Fence W/IVY IV

HPMD Garden Tree08



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