HEAD: Lelutka ~ Chloe 3.3

SHAPE: NFS made my Ky

HAIR: Stealthic  ~ Intredpid @ Collab88

EYES:  Conviction ~  Stain Eyes  @ Access 

TOP: Scandalize ~ .Elva.TOP. Maitreya @ Group gift

POSE: Foxcity ~ Sweet Tea 5m

Remember me in a simple way, not what I did or said
When I think of you now, I just think of the day we met
Don’t forget me, like I didn’t care
Yeah, I stole from myself just to make you complete

I don’t think you have the patience
I don’t think you know the difference
And I don’t want cute imitations
I know you wanted to save me

When the memories pack up and leave, it will set me free
All those days on the beach will be washing away from me
I will keep it secretly just to keep the peace
Keep steering this ship through the dark and the stormy seas

I should be counting my blessings
Staying safe in confusion
And maybe I’m learning my lesson
I know you wanted to save me
I’m still in love with the idea of loving you
It’s a state of flux, but it’s not enough
And I’m still in love with the idea of loving you
It’s a state of flux, I just keep holding on

Pink Lemonade


Elm. Juniper Garden Party Gacha @ Arcade March 2019 Cam Sim 1 & 2

Elm. Juniper Garden Party “Photo Arch” RARE

1. Elm. Juniper Garden Party “Party Table”

3. Elm. Juniper Garden Party “Cushion Seats #2”

7. Elm. Juniper Garden Party “Photo Frame”

8. Elm. Juniper Garden Party “Berry Cake”

9. Elm. Juniper Garden Party “Cupcake Tray”

11. Elm. Juniper Garden Party “Lantern”

12. Elm. Juniper Garden Party “Dinner Plates”

13. Elm. Juniper Garden Party “Candles Gold”

Granola  Odeletta Radio Cabinet. Green. @ FaMESHed 

Granola  Odeletta Lemon Bowl. Burlap. @ FaMESHed 

Granola  Bibi’s Rug. Mint.

Ariskea ~ [Shy] Ivy Old window [ Summer] (tinted)

 {anc}  flower curtain A 2Li (white) (tinted)

 Apple Fall ~ Lemonade Bucket (Click to Vend)

+Half Deer+ The Heart Greenhouse (checkered floor) @ C88

Let me wake up heavy head
Lying in my bed with you naked
Go put that song on, that you love
On repeat, until we can’t take it
I wanna drink pink lemonade
Watching movie trailers ’til it’s late
And let’s remember all the words
That we think are gonna make our hearts break.




Stay Awhile


Dahlia  – Vintage Memories Gacha @ Arcade March 2019 Cam Sim 1 & 2

Dahlia – Vintage Memories – Vanity – RARE 1

Dahlia – Vintage Memories – Vanity Chair – RARE 2

Dahlia – Vintage Memories – Bird & Books – RARE 3

Dahlia – Vintage Memories – Tin Case – White

Dahlia – Vintage Memories – Ballet Stool – Peach

Dahlia – Vintage Memories – Jewelry Frame – Peach –

Dahlia – Vintage Memories – Hanging Mirror – Gold

Dahlia – Vintage Memories – Hanging Mirror – Silver

Dahlia – Vintage Memories – Perfume – Peach

Dahlia – Vintage Memories – Perfume – Purple

Dahlia – Vintage Memories – Cloche – Music Sheets

Dahlia – Vintage Memories – Cloche – Poems

Dahlia – Vintage Memories – Flower in Cup

Dahlia – Vintage Memories – Clock – White

Dahlia – Vintage Memories – Candle in cup

Dahlia – Vintage Memories – Blooming Flowers – Peach –

Dahlia – Vintage Memories – Fancy Jars

Dahlia  – Valerie – Wardrobe – Mint @ Belle Event 

Dahlia  – Jacqueline – Centerpieces – Peach / Gold

Tuesdays ~ Corbel Shelf – Long  @ Cosmopolitan 

Tuesdays ~ Parisian Hideaway Skybox- Premium

+Half Deer+ Hanging Dried Flowers – Bright

+Half Deer+ Neatly Folded Blankets – Pink Floral

Dust Bunny. hanging plants . double planter

Dust Bunny. stay awhile . entryway hanger

JIAN  Forest Cat Static – Catch

No Regrets


.:| On Carol |:.

OVERALLS – Blueberry – Ivy – Denim Overalls

TOP – Blueberry – Ivy – Crop Top

NAILS – Ascendant – Glitter Rain Nails @Skin Fair 2019 | 8th – 24th March

NECKLACE – VOBE – Sterling Necklace Gold @Ace Event

POLAROID – *Tentacio* My Polaroid Grey

.:| On Kyrene |:.

HAIR – Wasabi // Aubrey w/ Glasses Mesh Hair @The Arcade

OVERALLS – Blueberry – Ivy – Denim Overalls

TOP – Blueberry – Ivy – Crop Top

NAILS – Ascendant – Anesthesia Nails

NECKLACE – Cae :: Initial :: Necklace

RINGS – *elise* – Orietta – BENTO Rings

.:| Scene |:.

POSE – FOXCITY. Ale I Need is U

BACKDROP – MINIMAL – Cuba Gacha @The Arcade

So I roll like a stone
Hands up in the air
I don’t wanna care
And I’ll die with no regrets

Friend of mine
I get lost on the highway
The wind keeps taking me one way
They all say I won’t be happy where I end up

But I don’t want to sacrifice the little things
That make life worth living, life worth living

Think Pink


ACORN  Think Pink Gacha @ Arcade March 2019 Cam Sim 1 & 2

01. ACORN  Think Pink Marble Console

02. ACORN  Think Pink Cat Mirror

03. ACORN  Think Pink Sugar Dish

04. ACORN  Think Pink Puzzle

05. ACORN  Think Pink Passport

06. ACORN  Think Pink Camera

07. ACORN Think Pink Ashtray

09. ACORN  Think Pink Cushion White

10. ACORN Think Pink Frame Always

11. ACORN  Think Pink Frame Art

13 ACORN  Think Pink Bubbly Rose’

14. ACORN  Think Pink Lipstick Tray Open

16. ACORN  Think Pink Sunglasses

17. ACORN  Think Pink Hello Sign

18. ACORN  Think Pink Lip Wall Plaque

19. ACORN  Think Pink P.S. I love you

20. ACORN  Think Pink Heart Frame

21. ACORN  Think Pink Book

22. ACORN  Think Pink Candelabra

23. ACORN  Think Pink Decor Travel Bag

24. ACORN  Think Pink Decor Luggage

25. ACORN  Think Pink Doughnuts

27. ACORN Think Pink Throne GOLD RARE

MudHoney   Adrian Computer

MudHoney   Adrian Desk

MudHoney   Adrian Office Chair

MudHoney    Adrian Files

MudHoney    Adrian Keyboard

MudHoney   Adrian Computer Mouse

MudHoney   Adrian Desk Plaque

Sayo ~   Parsons Panel – Wall 02

Sayo ~  Quilted Tile Fireplace

What Next Bailey – Pile Of Records

What NextBailey Turntable V2

What Next Bailey Vinyl Shelf

What NextHanging Guitar (Boho)

What Next Amelie Picture Shelf 1

What NextAmelie Picture Shelf 2

What Next Pajamas All Day Floor Print (pink)

{moss&mink}  Fuschia Wall Planter (White) @ FaMESHed



 Zenith ~ Vintage Fancy Little End Table (Black)

 Zenith ~ Vintage Frames (Pink)

 {anc}  flottante puppy. milk . layA

 {anc}  NOEL. : frilled furrug / milk

Tuesday Morning Garden Party


Granola  Zella’s Dining Table.

Granola   Zella’s Old Chair.

Granola   Granola. Zella’s Tulip Jug. Red. Yellow.  Pink.

Granola   A Simple Girl’s Hat. RARE.Arcade March 2019 Cam Sim 1 & 2

Granola   Wooden Stand with Tea & Honey. @ Arcade March 2019 Cam Sim 1 & 2

Granola. Cherries. Mint. @ Arcade March 2019 Cam Sim 1 & 2

Granola Blueberries. Vines. @ Arcade March 2019 Cam Sim 1 & 2

Granola   Ceramic Chickens. @ Arcade March 2019 Cam Sim 1 & 2

Granola  Cherries. Green. @ Arcade March 2019 Cam Sim 1 & 2

Granola   Cherries. White. @ Arcade March 2019 Cam Sim 1 & 2

Granola   Fern’s DIY Succulents. Green and Yellow.

Granola  Fern’s DIY Succulents. Pink and Red.

Granola   Fern’s Half Moon Table. Green.

Granola   Allison’s Distressed Birdcage Lamps. Copper.

Granola   Magnolia’s Garden Gate. Red Lg.

Granola   June’s String Lights. Gold.

MADRAS ~  Spring Garden 01 Spring Flower Jar 2 @ Arcade  Cam Sim 1 & 2

MADRAS ~ Spring Garden 02 Spring Flower Jar Ground @ Arcade   Cam Sim 1 & 2

MADRAS ~  03 Spring Garden Water Jug @ Arcade  Cam Sim 1 & 2

MADRAS ~  04 Spring Vintage Charles Jug @ Arcade   Cam Sim 1 & 2

MADRAS ~  06 Spring Bucket & Flatted FootBall @ Arcade  Cam Sim 1 & 2

MADRAS ~  08 Spring Pot @ Arcade  Cam Sim 1 & 2

MADRAS ~  09 Spring Garden Seeder Tray @ Arcade  Cam Sim 1 & 2

MADRAS ~  10 Spring Garden Stand @ Arcade  Cam Sim 1 & 2

MADRAS ~  11 Spring Broken Chair Decor @ Arcade Cam Sim 1 & 2

MADRAS ~  12 Spring Garden Wrought Cycle RARE @ Arcade  Cam Sim 1 & 2

+Half Deer+ Spring Serenade – Flower Gramophone (Light) @ Arcade  Cam Sim 1 & 2

+Half Deer+ Spring Serenade – Fox Welcome Sign @ Arcade  Cam Sim 1 & 2

+Half Deer+ Spring Serenade – Fawn & Sleepy Birdies @ Arcade  Cam Sim 1 & 2

+Half Deer+ Spring Serenade – Fox in Pot @ Arcade  Cam Sim 1 & 2

+Half Deer+ Spring Serenade – Sleepy Fawn Chair RARE @ Arcade  Cam Sim 1 & 2

[ keke ] fluffy grass . spring . 10 x 10

[ keke ]scruffy grass swaying . summer

 Compulsion  ~  Grass and yellow flowers

It Was In Me


.:| On Arwen |:.

SHIRT: Rowne ~ Imari One-Shoulder Top – Deluxe

PANTS: Vinyl – Fallout Open Fly Jeans

EARRINGS:  Maxi Gossimer ~ Endless Summer Butterfly

HAIR: RunAway ~ Sherazade Hair (Recolor) – Ombres

.:| On Kyrene |:.

SHIRT: Addams ~Yvonne Long Sleeves Tied Shirt // Maitreya

NECKLACE :  Cae   ~ Initial :: Necklace @ FaMESHed

NECKLACE: Cae  :: Basics – Solitaire :: Midlength Necklace

RING: Cae  :: Betrothed :: Ring [boxed]

JEANS: Tres Blah  – High Rise Jeans (Maitreya) – Vintage @ FaMESHed

NAILS: Ascendant – She Wore Diamonds

HAIR: RunAway ~ Ofelia Hair @ FaMESHed 

POSE: [ west end ] Bento Poses – BF4E – Friends Pose @ Cosmopolitan 

GRASSES: Compulsion  ~  Grass and yellow flowers

I’ve been to all the parties and it wasn’t there
I followed where my heart leads, it wasn’t there
Screamed at the top of my lungs and no one cared
Oh, oh, oh
I searched up on the mountain tops, it wasn’t there
I drove a Maserati, no fulfillment there
I run around the whole damn world, to get back here
Oh, oh, oh
Now let me feel high when I’m sober
Let me feel young when I’m older
Let me feel proud when it’s over
I finally realized
All of this time

Lady Like


.:| On Arwen |:.

DRESS & FUR STOLE:  Blueberry ~ Demi

HAIR:  Little Bones ~ True

CHOKER:  Ison ~ I want it (gacha)

RINGS:  Yummy ~ Art Deco

NAILS:  Euphoric ~ Superstar

POSE:  Glamrus ~ Hadlee (6)

.:| On Kyrene |:.

DRESS & FUR STOLE:  Blueberry ~ Demi

HAIR: RunAway ~  Melly

POSE:  Glamrus ~ Trinity (2)

“Sometimes I forget not to talk ’bout politics
When I’m in the middle of me getting hit on
Sometimes I’m not polite
Don’t bite my tongue, I speak my mind
Let curse words fly when shit goes wrong
Controversial, so outspoken
I’ve been told I’m not ladylike
But I’m a lady like woah
I could bring you to your knees
And get you kicked out the Garden of Eden
Untameable, unframeable, Mona Lisa
Oh, kiss you like a whiskey fire
Turn around, leave your heart in a riot
Lipstick in a cigarette pack on the dash
I’m a lady like that”

Bathroom Sanctuary


[Merak]  Bathroom Sanctuary Gacha @ Arcade March 2019 Cam Sim 1 & 2

[Merak] – Decorative Wall Shelf

[Merak] – Bath Salts

[Merak] – Body Towels Decor 1

[Merak] – Hair Products

[Merak]  – Bath bombs

[Merak]  – Cottonballs Jars

[Merak]  – Chair (scrubs and lotions)

[Merak]  – Chair (diy bodyscrub) 1

[Merak]  – Body Towels Decor 2

[Merak]  – Tub Tray Femme

[Merak] – Marble Tub

Sayo ~  Medusa Mirror – Ivory

Tuesdays ~ Ball Light MD – Pewter

Tuesdays ~Antique Corbel

Tuesdays ~ Twisted Candle – FP Short

Granola  Vanity Mirror. @ Arcade March 2019 Cam Sim 1 & 2

MudHoney   Miranda Drapes

MudHoney  Classic Wall Panel

hive // potted fan palm plant

The Loft & Aria – Pilar Floral Centerpiece

Kalopsia – Gogo’s Rug (Gold Tassels)

 Apple Fall ~ Constance Frame – Gold



With You


.:| On Her |:.

SHIRT/SKIRT: Dead Dollz – Lille Outfit @ Uber

HAIR: Tableau Vivant – Amore hair

NAILS: Ascendant – She Wore Diamonds

POSE:  Foxcity ~  Sk8tgirl 2 m

.:| On Him |:.

SHIRT: Deadwool ~ Hugo Shirt

PANTS: Fashionnatic — Angelo Jeans [Dark Blue] @ ManCave 

POSE: K&S Poses ~  ~  Chipi 2

.:| Scene|:.

Sayo ~ SAYO SCENES – Bougainvillea Hideaway Backdrop – COMMON

Refuge  – Mystic Lantern

 Heart– Wildflowers – Bougainvillea – White 1

=EliBaily=  Ivy 02

Running late on a Wednesday
Shortcut by the freeway
Locked eyes as you passed me
Two hearts on a cold street
Looking back at the same time
I feel your warmth, did you feel mine?
I get the urge, but I can’t speak
Two hearts on a cold street

I know this sounds crazy
But this could be fate
And I’m thinking maybe
That you feel it too
Tell me are you busy?
And tell me you can stay
‘Cause I’m thinking maybe

For you, I would travel to outer space
Take a bullet to the heart just to keep you safe
For you, anything for you
With you, all the years just fade away
Like a dream in my arms, but I’m wide awake
With you, whenever I’m with you


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