Psycho Barbie ~ Murk Tank
Gabriel ~ down jacket
Random Matter ~ Song Elfie Ears
Taketomi ~ Meili Hair
Queen oF Ink ~ Fly Tattoo

“Hi, my name is not important
I’m not from here, I’m imported
I drink liquor like it’s water
Hope my liver can afford it
I’ve been lying here with you 
I’ve been lying here, I’ll be lying here
I’m under the covers
Like what happened here ain’t nothing sacred
Shit that got me fucked up is
I know that dude just saw me naked
Nursing on a broken heart
But who’d a thought it’d take me ages?
I ended up here ’cause my girls said
“Fake it ’til you make it”
You, you’re in love with somebody else
Maybe I could offer some help
Get over them by getting under me
But you might OD if you get too much of me
Od if you get too much of me
Od if you get too much of me, yuh”

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